Total eclipse of the Moon (UK)

One for the (UK) night sky watches :wink:

Total eclipse of the Moon tonight should occur about 9:30 pm

Clear skies permitting.

thanks for the bump PMM :chuckle:

At least now I shan’t be forgetting it :lol:


time to set a reminder

I belive its started :chuckle:

Seems more noticable with the eye rather than bino’s

From Birmingham - :smiley:

Thanks hids :wink: I have to admit its a bit chilly outside

Now I can stay warm :chuckle:

Looks quite spectacular

Damn, links just gone down :frowning:

O well here’s one off my camera :wink:

Nice picture PMM, I’m getting a good view from the bedroom window :slight_smile:


it’s nearly gone, send out the moon protection agency, someones eating all the cheese ! @PMM - I hope your cheese gets there in time to put it all back - something to do with tides and cheese … :confused:


[QUOTE=DoubleTop;366949] something to do with tides and cheese … :confused:


nah, I’m sure it’s along the lines of Fiddling cats and jumping cows :wink:

yep just checked it out - latest Bill passed through Parliament is to stop bogus Cheese production by unscrupulous dairy farmers.
Seems that some farmers have been supplying their cats with volins, which are then played (badly) throughout the night, which causes the cows milk to curdle. At the sight of a bright moon the cows then start leaping around, which turns the curdled milk into cheese.
The latest act forces all regional councils to ensure the moon is blacked out on certain nights of the year.
An amendment to the act also forbids the storage of dishes and spoons in the same kitchen cupboard.

Yep, get outside.

Almost total now, just a rusty coloured sillouhette

Just come downstairs after watching from bedroom with window open :smiley: Couldn’t stay up there any longer cause I was getting a sore neck :lol: Still a great sight though :agree:

Looks amazing through bino’s… Could be circuling Mar’s with its orangy/red glow :slight_smile: