TPR Bl00 Pages - ICQ/MSN/mIRC Contacts + Merge of New Locator Map

Contact Details

Below is a list of the ICQ, MSN and email details for those people who published them in any of the contact details threads we’ve had. If your name isn’t in the list and you want to have it added, either mail me or PM me with the request and I will add you :slight_smile:

Board Name	MSN Messenger			ICQ

atopperuk	atopperuk{at}hotmail{dot}com		137280625
binlala         davidwilliams174{at}hotmail{dot}com
Bob-A-Job	Bob_Tomkins{at}hotmail{dot}com
brucie		steveinplym80{at}hotmail{dot}com
celticskyhawk	celticskyhawk{at}hotmail{dot}com
Ch!lledBud	chilledbud{at}yahoo{dot}
Curly		curly01{at}ntlworld{dot}com	
Dalethfc	dalethfc{at}hotmail{dot}com		  5576681	
Damski		damski748{at}hotmail{dot}com
Dezyboy		dezyboy{at}shadowwalker{dot}co{dot}uk
Drezha		drezha{at}drezha{dot}net
Efaill		efaill{at}hotmail{dot}com		116021276
Endre		endre.boee{at}hjemme{dot}no
Gizmo		g12m0{at}hotmail{dot}com
Johnnypf	JonathanPFrench{at}hotmail{dot}com	132421342	
jontyc		jonathanchristie{at}hotmail{dot}com
JUGGY		spencer_mark{at}hotmail{dot}com
Kaibigan	TheWelshKaibigan{at}hotmail{dot}com	  3075705
Klumpen							 11003113
mackerel	madmackerel{at}hotmail{dot}com
madDragon	maddragon2001{at}msn{dot}com		
MAx-2001        juri_zobel{at}web{dot}de                262380187
Milhouse	neil{at}nmacleod{dot}com		
Mincer		mincer2001{at}hotmail{dot}com		
mojo							 14156431
Monkeymia	rob.townsend{at}tesco{dot}net
Mulda		chris{at}hemsley-uk{dot}com
Peige           stumpyone{at}btinternet{dot}com
Phlame		phlameUK{at}hotmail{dot}com		 74635188
PMM		paul_measures{at}hotmail{dot}co{dot}uk
Preecey		Preecey2{at}hotmail{dot}com
riddlermarc	mm009861{at}hotmail{dot}com		
scoobie		braddy_{at}hotmail{dot}com
Sgt Bilko	jonimm22{at}hotmail{dot}com		114026241
Spaceboy	spaceboy_102{at}hotmail{dot}com		 58525648	
Spacey		chris{at}epicdiscs{dot}		101349306
Special K	tprspesh{at}hotmail{dot}com
SPEEDYJ		johncurley{at}sniffout{dot}com[/b]

Those with a different e-mail address to their msn messenger

Board Name		E-mail address

atopperuk		atopper{at}atopper{dot}co{dot}uk
bigsheff1		bigsheff1{at}gmail{dot}com
Dalethfc		dalethfc{at}dalethfc{dot}com
Johnnypf		johnnypf{at}johnnypf{dot}co{dot}uk
JUGGY                   marks{at}isdial{dot}net
Klumpen			klumpen{at}vip.cybercity{dot}dk
Mincer			mincer{at}teamphoenixrising{dot}net
riddlermarc		marc{at}riddlermarc{dot}net
Spaceboy		tpr{at}spaceboy{dot}co{dot}uk[/b]

Mr Muppet#9’s Kwikstart mIRC Guide

[li]Goto and download and install their irc program[/li][li]Open mIRC, There should be a ‘mIRC Options’ window open. Select ‘All’ on the IRC Servers dropdown menu. Find ‘QuakeNet: Random server’ in the other dropdown. Add your name in the fields below. (Hit ok. If the mIRC Options isnt open, you can get to options by going ‘file > options’)[/li][li]Hit the connect button, which is like a broken lightning flash on the left of the window - or ‘file > connect’.[/li][li]It should come up with some welcome to Quakenet message. In the bottom bar, type - ‘/join #the_bullshit_free_zone’. You should be in.[/li][li]Start chatting to other team members! :)[/li][/ol]

I found this link on another site and they use it just to seee where everone’s from so I thought, I might as well do one for here. Tis easier to do than the current locator map.