TPR Daily Seti Flame 10th May 2006

10 May 2006

09-May-2006 17:42 30.6M (seti server time and XML size)

New Recruits
We say hello to Julean with 32 credits

None today

Top 10 Daily Crunchers

1	Burlsey		18,198
2	R33		4,664
3	mr.kjellen	3,353	
4	M.D. Petermeier	2,753	
5	andyu		2,734
6	Tim		2,277
7	Kevin G. Clarke	1,979	
8	Charlie1	1,910	
9	Lowfield	1,843	
10	Sgt Bilko	1,335

Premier League
Egad Ivegoninsane moves up 1 place to 6th drinking JUGGY under the table :wasted:
R33 moves up 1 place to 26th beaching Islander

Division 1
SizEzE moves up 1 place to 49th overshadows Russell L. Wright

Division 2
Mordant moves up 1 place to 8th stomping Andrew
Zylas moves up 1 place to 30th slipping past phees
Dale moves up 1 place to 38th runs over Brian Howcroft
John Le Roy moves up 1 place to 48th taking out the Big Six

Division 3
Quaz moves up 1 place to 6th quashes bugs
Texasvirgo moves up 1 place to 20th double teams BORED
speedy170 moves up 1 place to 21st bing part of the team against BORED
Andylamb moves up 1 place to 33rd roasts FukusukeMix
Bigsheff1 moves up 2 places to 35th show CrystalShards and Wrath for that you can’t fight the system
antgash moves up 1 place to 43rd puts Scott for the night

Division 4
WORMSS moves up 4 places to 3rd plays his namesake game naming the opposing team: W9SBU, Phill Blayney, Rys and BRAZELL
Viking moves up 3 places to 6th pillages Mick, Phill Blayney and BRAZELL
Six Feet Under moves up 2 places to 17th puts under DaGoof and SFL ORG.
Dragon15 moves up 1 place to 23rd snacks on pmurphy
OgrePete moves up 2 places to 44th bashes atcchief and T-Bag together
Promotion!! Mr_SeeD moves up 6 places to 45th races past NightWlf, atcchief, macgyvero, T-Bag, Audra and Paul Gysen
Promotion!! NightWlf moves up 1 place to 50th realgates macgyvero

Division 5
milo909 moves up 1 place to 7th slips past Burlsey

Division 6


any request on which tan people would like to see next?

boo I just stomped him and now he’s stomped me back :frowning:
Thanks for the news :cheers:

Dont worry scott, i will stomp u Both in 22 days at our current crunching rate :xfinger: :Plot:

Thanks for the news;)

BTW youre toast after the weekend:)

my system is still recovering for am prolonged lack of power… but yes you’re looking scary 8)

poor page he looking at a tripple stomp :wink:

Thanks for the news! Juggy gets to pick up the tab for the drinks :smiley:

Welcome Julean!

Thanks for the Seti update, Rogue. Well done Egad! Welcome to the team, Julean!