TPR Daily Seti Flame 24th May 2006

24 May 2006

23-May-2006 13:50 31.0M (seti server time and XML size)

New Recruits
Welcome Tracy with 15 credits

We say goodbye to Sgt Bilko who has left but has his profile url as TPR still and no new team yet

Premier League
R33 moves up 1 place to 19th stomping DoubleTop

Division 1
TwoFaced moves up 1 place to 14th stomping RobbyT

Division 2
Keith_M_B moves up 1 place to 15th stomping Michael Roberts
Bob Gaspardino moves up 1 place to 45th stomping Storm PCs
Promotion!! Cochise99 moves up 2 places to 50th stomping somanvx and Fantstav

Division 3
Texasvirgo moves up 2 places to 8th stomping Beren and Eric Haynes
WORMSS moves up 3 places to 25th stomping wolf, Bigsheff1 and FukusukeMix
FukusukeMix moves up 1 place to 27th stomping wolf

Division 4
Mick moves up 1 place to 1st stomping Rys
Mr_SeeD moves up 1 place to 2nd stomping Rys
Memnoch moves up 2 places to 35th stomping OgrePete and NeoCow

Division 5
Promotion!! Julean moves up 5 places to 50th stomping Lost It, bagent, bo_leggs, rangi and Sherie

Division 6
Sean Monteverdi moves up 8 places to 6th stomping Alchemiste, Ghawk, Eugene McNiel, Binlala, Sudip Ghosh, StalwartUK, Death and MuMinded


Cheers for the news, and sorry DT :wink:

R33 said just like you mean it :lol: Nice stomp :thumbsup: caught me a bit unawares.

:cheers: Rogue - I note you removed the :cry: from the stattomatic reporting me being stomped :lol: It gets all upset when I get stomped :wink:


i did not remove it, dont you see my crying smiley dragon there?

Thanks for the news!

Of course, I totally regret stomping you, I just couldn’t stop my PC’s in time :smiley:

LOL… classic!

Nice statage Rogue :thumbsup: