TPR Folding@home report, 1/1/2002

[u]Folding@home weekly Report[/u]

Team Status

as of approximately 16:00 1/1/2002, all production count in points unless otherwise indicated.

Points/work units: 1010/562 (last week: 551/305)
Team Rank: 58 (last week: 82, +24 :eek: )
Weekly Production: 459 (last week: 197, +262)
Peer Production*: 112.33 (last week: 127.25, -14.9)
Active CPU’s: 16 (last week: 10, +6)

We’re rising up the table at an incredible rate - our ‘competitors’ at this level actually seem to be moving slower, while we’re getting faster. Our collective Folding output has doubled now for 3 weeks running - anyway you look at that it’s impressive :). A Good chunk of this week’s increase is courtesy of Andyu producing in earnest. At this level we’re outproducing most other teams below position 20 - we’ll be continuing to climb very quickly, i’m not going even guess at next week’s figures ;).

TPR Producers
Last 7 days (in points)

Andyu 171
N2OCapri 107
TPR Mojo 87
Wynotiel 82
alexbalmer 12


We’ve passed 1000 points - double last week’s milestone. Congratulations to Andyu and N20Capri who have each completed 100 work units.


Well done Mojo on passing me to take the table leadership. Beware Andyu… :wink:


Letters to the editor :slight_smile:

Folding work units are of varying size, so they are assigned a points value approximately equivalent to the amount of processing required. Typically the largest work unit is worth 2 points.

*Peer production - The mean production of teams within a range of 4 active teams on either side of ourselves. I believe it gives an idea of how we’re doing relative to others in our region of the chart.

nice job :slight_smile:

Well done matey. Nice to see folding doing well here, its a new project for me but I’m very pleased.

lets just keep going and see how high we can climb :slight_smile:

Nice report nitrile,tho’ i’ll probably be back genoming by the time of the next one,stats permitting :slight_smile:

Originally posted by andyu
Nice report nitrile,tho’ i’ll probably be back genoming by the time of the next one,stats permitting :slight_smile:

/me crosses fingers :wink:

Nice report, its good to stay informed.

Keep up the good work will be doing some more to help out soon.

nice report :slight_smile:

however…I would like to apologise for not giving it 100%, one of the system has been running this program called…CS :smiley:

but now that it is back to work…that should be minimised to a few hours a day now :slight_smile:

OT…Woot!!! still getting owned :frowning: :smiley:

Been running slow(er) here too. I discovered ICS wasn’t accepting requests to dial up form the machine it was running on - bit of a problem for Folding really, not being able to connect :/.

Problem now solved though, as that machine isn’t the gateway anymore ;).