TPR (Not quite so) Super Computer?

Seen this used on another forum…

The team have a user account that everyone that wants in, runs one of there smallest machines on.

Nightlord brought the idea in my mind again with the mention of his 266Mhz PC (Same as my lappy) and thought maybe we could have a bash at this?

Don’t mind what project. Maybe have it across all TPR projects and use the same username across each. (This team I saw had it on Folding…which means no arguments about settings etc)

Would have to have rules like can’t be more than 1Ghz processer (maybe less etc) and if it was BOINC, all projects set to equal processor sharing…(though with low end system, probably best to keep it to one project!:stuck_out_tongue: )

Thought it might add a bit of fun to the DC…

Is anyone game?

And any ideas for usernames if anyone’s game? Something like TPR(NQS)SC? or more catchy? :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the sound of this :thumbsup:

For a start, it possibly takes away the disheartening feeling from those with older machines when a big farmer comes on board a project; secondly, it’s a good way to build a team spirit and thirdly, it’s just plain daft and fun :wink:

Although, I’m a great exponent of Boinc, I could see come potential problems using this approach on Boinc - account keys and passwords being shared around allowing multiple users access to the account and potentially messing up the account settings.

If those could be somewhow regulated then I would go for small memory requirement projects - SIMAP, LHC (when they have work), can’t remember about Einstein and I don’t have experience of Predictor. I think some of the others may stretch an older box.

If however, Boinc is not an option (for the reasons above), then maybe setup a separate user on Folding?

Its a good idea. I have a 450mhz folding TT’s. Should report 2K in around 2 1/2 months… could always switch the user names now.

I think maybe if we did go the route of the BOINC, then we’d need something like an admin to keep it all in control and give the password out to a couple of people only…

Admittly Folding would be a lot easier but the work units take an extremely lony long time…(talking about 18 days 24/7 for a timeless Tinker units…Maybe normal units are a bit quicker?)

I could run Rosetta, SIMAP and Predictor fine on my old laptop (not all at the same time though…)but then it does 192Mb RAM…

I’m game for this, whichever project we decide to run…

Anyone else got some input?
And ideas for a username?

I think maybe if we did go the route of the BOINC, then we’d need something like an admin to keep it all in control and give the password out to a couple of people only…

only bit I dont like… where a team… so wheres the trust ?

//also dont have any pc;s slow enough :frowning: just threw a K6 out…

Good point bin but I wouldn’t be happy with the password in the open forums if you see what I mean. Maybe get people to PM someone to get the password?

Thats fine… just not one person holding control over everyone else doesnt sound too hot!

Sorry if I didn’t make myself clear…I wouldn’t want one person holding the entire password’s etc to themselves…

just dont want the password well know so any Tom, Dick and Harry can jump in a change all our preferences… ie another team etc. (though I trust the other team’s wouldn’t…would be more script kiddies if anything…)

Good stuff :cool:

I think the idea of separate locations for different spec machines is good. I propose setting one of the other locations for dial-up, ie…

Confirm before connecting to Internet?
(matters only if you have a modem, ISDN or VPN connection) yes
Disconnect when done?
(matters only if you have a modem, ISDN or VPN connection) yes
Maximum download rate: 56k
Maximum upload rate: 56k

The others are more personal taste and usage of the machine, but Boinc should take take of itself through the benchmarks and long-term/short-term debt.

And echo what Drezha said about old machines with no SSE: use the manual download appplication from Put it in your project directory along with the app info file available from the same page.

I’ll be on board with my 266Mhz lappy in a couple of hours once it has finished the current WU. Hang on a minute, that means I’ll be crunching against myself :confused:

I’ll further sort the things out later…might be tomorrow.

As soon as I can I’ll make a thread that I’ll ask DT or mod to sticky…

I’m in :smiley:

Didn’t take my own advice on the app-info.xml file though, and trashed 6 WU in the process :frowning:

Oh well, all in the name of science :wink:

Just need some more now! :smiley:

If anyone else wants to join in, the work platform is the dial up one. Set to connect every day and
Confirm before connecting to Internet?
(matters only if you have a modem, ISDN or VPN connection) yes
Disconnect when done?
(matters only if you have a modem, ISDN or VPN connection) yes
Maximum download rate: 56 KB/s
Maximum upload rate: 56 KB/s

School options are set for people that dont want it BOINC’ing when there working on it.

Home is recommended for people with high spec PC’s (Probably between 500Mhz - 1Ghz) that are always connected.

Profile is here…

For those not using an SSE enabled processor, you will need to download a non SSE application from the SIMAP website and create a app_info.xml file, otherwise all your work units will error out!

To help I created the following zip file…mainly because I struggled to figure it out myself… (Windows users…)

App Info and .exe

I never figured where to put the app_info.xml so I have one in the projects folder and one in the SIMAP folder…

If you put that folder into a folder called “projects” in the BOINC folder and then connect to SIMAP you should have no problems :smiley:

If you don’t I believe the work units error out.:frowning:

First points on the board for the TPR-Phoenix PC :woot:

So, dig out those old machines and connect to this Simap account to put them to use. Maybe we should have a prize for the lowest spec cruncher to score points on the account :cool:
Actually, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea :smiley: … I’ll put up a bottle of 12 year-old Malt (shipping included) for the lowest spec box to score points on this account during June. To be above board, I’ll discount my 266Mhz lappy from the running :wink:

Doh! July, not June…no, make that until the end of July!

Anyone up for donating a prize for the most points from a single machine?

hmm…ill see what crap I can dig out… doubt I have anything poo enough tho :frowning:

damn, took the P60 out the loft the other week and took it to the recycling centre at the dump :frowning: I kept the 386, but I know from past trying that it won’t run on that as no maths co-pro :frowning:

I wonder how far I can underclock, I seem to recall Makerel taking the underclock approach a while back on a duron or something along those lines.


Yeah I believe mackeral mentioned he underclocked the duron’s he had in the summer to keep them going but cooler…

As it was half my brain child as well, I’ll see what I can do about adding a prize for the higest scoring machine as well… Indeed my 266Mhz lappy will be out of the race.

Remember non SSE machine need to have the non SSE app. I see bin’s isn’t sorted and is eating WU’s and erroing them out like bilko like’s his curry…

You undersell yourself Drezha: It was your idea from the start :thumbsup: I think it’s a fantastic way to have a bit of fun and encouraging more crunchers on board.

If we have awards, I think the prize-givers should only be discounted from that section: ie, my laptop from the lowest spec etc. So, if you donate something for the highest score, then you should only get discounted from that.

Seems fair to me :cool:

Cheers Nightlord:whistle: (dam…nearest we have to an embarassed smily…)

I’ve got some PC bits in Leeds…by the time this is finished, I’ll try and grab the bits and bobs to make it semi working and see if that can be donated as a prize…I expect half the PC bits don’t work, so I might chuck in some DVD’s or something or rather…or going along the alcohol route…a bottle of the finest Stolichnaya vodka :smiley: