TPR Predictor Stats 18th June 2006

TPR Predictor stats - as at 18th June 2006

Back again! Figured why last weeks was screwed up…In deleting the second ike, I messed up a line of code. All sorted now though! :smiley:

Bit late because I’ve been at work.

First stats update using Vista beta and Office 2007 Beta therefore anymistakes aren’t my fault :stuck_out_tongue:

Team Positions 18/06/2006

New Recruits

None this week :frowning:


None this week! :slight_smile:

The TPR Predictor Top Crunchers 18/06/2006

The Team’s Top Crunchers this week are:

Congrats all :slight_smile:

Positions as at 18/06/2006

Premier League

Piet moves up 1 positions to 3rd, stomping TPR-MarkONE

Division 1

bigsheff1 moves up 1 positions to 19th, stomping pong
Olly moves up 3 positions to 32nd, stomping Master of Puppets, Thentil and Stephen R Homer

Division 2

Ogrepete moves up 1 positions to 4th, stomping lab_boy
Abie moves up 1 positions to 25th, stomping jalagon

Division 3

No movement this week

Excellent work!

Congrats to everyone and well done to those with stomps!

Cheers for the nooz Drezha :thumbsup:

thanks drezha :thumbsup: Watch out * steam roller coming through :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the Predictor update, drezha.