TPR Predictor Stats - 21st May 2006

TPR Predictor stats - as at 21st May 2006

These stats come to you slighlty hungover and wobbly…so any mistakes are not intentional but probably hiding somewhere…

Team Positions 21/05/2006

New Recruits

Give a huge TPR welcome to fenix25 and P51 Mustang Welcome to the team!:wave:


Sadly we say goodbye to MAOJC, JUGGY and it looks like Darin Billing has left as well :frowning: Good luck with where ever you’ve gone.

The TPR Predictor Top Crunchers 21/05/2006

The Team’s Top Crunchers this week are:

Some nice figurs up at the top of the hall of fame there :slight_smile:

Positions as at 21/05/2006

Premier League

NEW P51 Mustang moves up NEW positions to 11th, stomping ColossusX, PSI Global, mark temple, and more :wave:
Now because of the leaver’s…there’s a lot of +1’s from the premier and below…

Division 1

TankGirl moves up 6 positions to 9th, stomping ike, The Balrog, riddlermarc, and more
Tom Wilson moves up 7 positions to 23rd, stomping Droid, Ulysses, Mathena, and more
Droid moves up 3 positions to 24th, stomping Ulysses, Mathena and Cow Biccy

Division 2

Stephen R Homer moves up 5 positions to 1st, stomping Ogrepete, Mirek Sabiniewicz, savage1r, and more
Mirek Sabiniewicz moves up 4 positions to 3rd, stomping savage1r, Olly, Scoobie, and more
Walter O’Reilly moves up 8 positions to 24th, stomping Apex, Milos Petrovic, tytrek88, and more

Division 3

NEW fenix25 joins the team and starts his rise to fame from 3rd place

Congrats all. Keep up the good work! :nod:

If your looking to help an established TPR team, Predictor is a good bet:)

(THough you may want to join the Folding beat DT and chums race for a week or two;) )

I think you’ll find Darin is now P51 Mustang, judging by the scores. Well done Drezha :thumbsup: and welcome to the new guys

Thanks for the Predictor update, drezha. Welcome to the team fenix25. Good to see you back P51 Mustang.