TPR Predictor Stats - 28th May 2006

TPR Predictor stats - as at 28st May 2006

Not many people running Predictor at the minute so I’m not sure whether I should carry the stats on. I myself have moved over to Folding but I’ll carry on doing these because I know some people use this :slight_smile:

Team Positions 28/05/2006

New Recruits

JUGGY comes back and joins the Predictor crew! :slight_smile: Welcome back!


None this week! :slight_smile:

The TPR Predictor Top Crunchers 28/05/2006

The Team’s Top Crunchers this week are:

Some reason it wont remove that column…will have a play and if I’ll fix it, I’ll fix the stats.

Positions as at 28/05/2006

Premier League

No movement this week

Division 1

JUGGY rejoins in 7th place!
Honourable Mention bigsheff1 would have stomped pong if not for JUGGY rejoining.
Stephen R Homer moves up 1 positions to 35th, stomping NeoCow

Division 2

Honourable Mention Olly would have stomped savage1r
Honourable Mention Walter O’Reilly would have stomped jalagon
Honourable Mention Abie would have stomped Lex Jello

Division 3

No movement this week

Congrats all!
Keep up the good work. Every little helps!

Thanks m8 :thumbsup:

I’ve just started crunching again, now can anyone workout which is mine :Poke:

Welcome back mate :smiley:

Wouldn’t happen to be Olly? :stuck_out_tongue:

Quite possibly :agree: :hehehmm:

:lol: I was gonna guess at Olly too, but it seemed just too obvious :chin: :smiley:

Cheers for the nooz Drezha :thumbsup:

Thanks Drezha.

I’ve put Predictor on hold for a bit.

If I can get my SETI throughput high enough and steady enough
I’ll start crunching Predictor again.

Thanks for the Predictor stats, drezha.