TPR Rosetta Stats - 15th January 2006

TPR Rosetta stats - as at 15th January 2006

Some great numbers still being produced but not enough to stop us slipping to 18th place in the all-teams league.Well done everyone, but we could do with some new members.

Team Positions 08/01/2006

New Recruits

None this week :frowning:


None this week :slight_smile:

The TPR Rosetta Top Movers 15/01/2006

The Team’s Big Crunchers this week are:

Excellent crunching guys. Well done everyone! :nod:

Position change from 09/01/2006 to 15/01/2006
Once again some excellent progress being made in both divisions with some excellent stompage and one promotion to the Premiership. Well done guys. Here are the stats:

Premier League

Daniel Brady moves up 1 position to 6th, stomping Mikey2345
The Balrog moves up 1 position to 7th, also stomping Mikey2345
charlie1 moves up 1 position to 11th, stomping Michael Roberts
Tonyp moves up 1 position to 13th, stomping drezha
PROMOTED!Tom Wilson moves up 1 position to 15th, relegating Joe to Div 1.

Division 1

Viking moves up 2 positions to 3rd, stomping Droid and DoubleTop
Binlala moves up 2 positions to 8th, stomping ike and dezyboy
morpheus moves up 2 positions to 16th, stomping fillup and war_pig
war_pig moves up 1 position to 18th, stomping IMFire3605
George Fischell moves up 1 position to 20th, stomping DannagE
colossusx moves up 4 positions to 24th, stomping Mirek Sabiniewicz, mackerel, SFL ORG, and more

Once again an excellent week’s crunching!! We do need more members to help us regain our lost positions though, so tell your friends and get them crunching TPR Rosetta now!! Well done everyone and keep up the good work.

Cheers for now.

Cheers Droid!

Once again on the big hitters list :smiley:

Though it would appear Binlala wants to play catch up :devil:

Thanks for the news, Droid.

Thank you Droid. Have a good week.

Thanks for the stats Droid.


Oh BTW - Red Dward Crew now back upto full strength - Kryten is back better than ever and will improve when I get my order for 512 Mb PC4000 DDR ! :wink:

:agree: :wave:

:lol: There are some good stompage chances awaiting to happen soon. Well done guys :funknana:

BTW, there aren’t any BOINC SIMAP Stats this week as there is no change at all in our team, only a change in the all-teams position. We’ll see what happens next week.

Thanks much Droid :slight_smile:

Again I posted the 3rd highest results for the week and managed to move exactly zero places. I’m glad to contribute to the team just to hold my place. I may taper off for a bit as LHC has work to crunch and I’m going to take it while it’s there. Don’t worry, I will be back.

If you continue with those figures Richard, your bound to get a stomp soon :eek:

Good Job everyone!

Thanks for the update Droid! :smiley:

With your stats the way they are Richard, you should make one or possibly even two stomps next week. Don’t miss your chance!! :smiley:

Please switch it will give a chance to catch up;) (just joking) Keep on a crunching :thumbsup:

Thanks for the news Droid:)

Thanks for the News Droid :slight_smile:

Unfortunately my Rosetta output is not so high just now. :frowning:

I have some major milestones to achieve on Seti first and I’m looking forward to a :stomp: over there too.

Fully expect to be stomped a place or more here next week. But, give it a few weeks and the Rosetta cannons will roar once more.

Think of it as giving you a head start… can’t say fairer than that now can I :devil:

4463 root 39 19 163m 65m 3980 R 99.9 1.7 1:09.03 rosetta_4.80_i6
4464 root 39 19 165m 66m 3976 R 99.9 1.7 1:08.94 rosetta_4.80_i6
4465 root 39 19 163m 65m 3980 R 98.9 1.7 1:06.64 rosetta_4.80_i6
4473 root 39 19 163m 65m 3976 R 86.1 1.7 0:57.81 rosetta_4.80_i6

Let’s see how it goes!

Welcome aboard MAOJC :slight_smile:

2006-01-19 15:06:51 [rosetta@home] No work from project
2006-01-19 15:06:51 [rosetta@home] No work from project

This would be a RAC monster if it coul;d only get some work! #15 in the list already.

You’re right, I’m not getting any more work either and my cache is getting low :frowning:

Welcome aboard anyway Major :thumbsup:

I can see the output in rosetta going up a little this week :wiggle: