TPR Rosetta Stats - 19th December 2005

TPR Rosetta stats - as at 19th December 2005
Once again an excellent week for new joiners to the Team. Welcome aboard you guys. With all our new stars on board our pace has quickened, but other alliances like L’Alliance Francophone have increased their membership enormously and are threatening to overtake us. Well done everyone and if we can get more people on board we may keep ourselves at number 16. :thumbsup:
Team Positions 19/12/2005

New Recruits
Please give a huge :wavey: welcome, in Division 1, to dillberry who joins us at number 5, benjam who joins us at number 16, Viking who joins us at number 17, fillup who joins us at number 18, Andrew who joins us at number 20 and to Padowan who joins us at number 21. Welcome aboard guys and thanks for your contribution. :yippee:
None thus far :slight_smile:
The TPR Rosetta Top Movers 19/12/2005
The Team’s Big Crunchers this week are:

Excellent crunching guys. Well done everyone! :nod:
Position change from 11/12/2005 to 19/12/2005
Excellent crunching progress going on with some excellent numbers. The addition of the new joiners has helped our cause hugely and once again there are some large start-up numbers in Division 1. I can foresee a few :stomp:s in the very near future and a couple of promotions too!! Here are the stats:
Premier League

Daniel Brady moves up 2 positions to 8th, stomping drezha and Joe
charlie1 moves up 1 position to 10th, stomping Joe
The Balrog moves up 1 position to 12th, stomping Droid
Richard Ellis moves up 1 position to 13th, stomping Droid
Division 1

Tonyp moves up 2 positions to take the top spot, stomping ike
Nightlord storms up 6 positions to 2nd, stomping ike, Burlsey, dillberry, and more
Burlsey moves up an awesome 10 positions to 4th, stomping dilberry, dezyboy, Binlala, and more
dilberry joins us in Div 1 and starts his rise to fame at number 5. Welcome aboard m8.
dezyboy moves up 7 positions to 6th, stomping Binlala, Tom Wilson, MarcoReid, and more
Tom Wilson moves up an awesome 11 positions to 8th, stomping MarcoReid, Timbo, Eremita, and more
benjam joins us in Div 1 and starts his rise to fame at number 16. Welcome aboard m8.
Viking joins us in Div 1 and starts his rise to fame at number 17. Welcome aboard m8.
fillup joins us in Div 1 and starts his rise to fame at number 18. Welcome aboard m8.
Andrew joins us in Div 1 and starts his rise to fame at number 20. Welcome aboard m8.
Padowan joins us in Div 1 and starts his rise to fame at number 21. Welcome aboard m8.
Once again an incredible week and I hope we have many more like it too!! We do need more members to hold back the other alliances though, so tell your friends and get them crunching TPR Rosetta now!! Well done everyone and keep up the good work.
Cheers for now.

Will stay for another week and maybe increase output, but then I hope it’s back to the dankroom :wink:

Cool news btw

Thanks for the news Droid.
My production for Rosetta will stop over Christmas, and I will return in the new year with the long-promised wider mix of projects.
It’s actually been quite easy to concentrate on Rosetta recently, with Seti, LHC and SZTAKI all having production hiccups.

Thanks for the news Driod :thumbsup: :moon: and welcome to the new crunchers :wave:

Looks like DT will need to reassign a cruncher to stay in Div 1 for next week :wink:

Well, now I’m in 2 minds…
I crunched some Rosetta while Seti was off line. But now I see that TPR needs to defend against L’Alliance Francophone.
So, I’m going to put more resource back onto Rosetta for a while. Will take a few days to ramp up again, but watch out DT:p .
Oh and BTW, made 750k combined last night:rotate:


come and get me at Folding all those :Poke: me (excluding Mortlake who will get me eventually :lol: )

I thought the leagues were 25 per league… :chuckle: :sneaky:

Cheers for the news :thumbsup:


Thanks for the update Droid. I plan to have both of my crunchers dedicated to Rosetta through the end of December in honor of Neal’s dad. In January, I might switch one back to SETI.


:haha: grasping for straws DT? :smiley:
Thanks for the work Droid! :thumbsup:

:lol: Nice try DT.

@Dezyboy. Any work you can give is gratefully received m8. :thumbsup:
@Michael Roberts. No probs Mike. Hope the New Year brings you good luck in your job hunt. :xfinger:
@Nightlord Any help you can give is gratefully received. I know people try to help as many projects as poss, but all your WUs will help towards the team and the greater good as well. :thumbsup:

Anyone who has not signed up, any CPU cycles you can spare would be well appreciated guys. Cheers !!

Thanks for the news:thumbsup:

Cheers for the news Droid :cheers:

Thanks for the news, Droid.

Cheers Droid.

Doesn’t look like lower production figures for me comes at the right time :frowning:

D2OL is back up, I will be going back to it sunday, though I will try to free up a cpu when I claim back my top 5 place and return to rossetta

Cheers Dezy :thumbsup:

:stomp: :stomp: :stomp: :wave: to Droid :lol:

although I am now top of div1 instead of bottom of premier :lol:


:lol: Cheers DT. I’ll get the stats together for tomorrow, as the drink is beginning to wear off now :devil: :glug: