TPR Rosetta Stats - 21st May 2006

TPR Rosetta stats - as at 21st May 2006

Nightlord is back to full speed, but so is MAOJC. He has increased the powah and is closing up so quickly on Nightlord that I have run out of nails to chew on!! It’s still too too close to call in the race to 1.5 million points. Steady crunching throughout the Divisions, with excellent numbers from Burlsey, Daniel Brady and TPR_Markone. We have lost JUGGY and Joe this week, but gained a new recruit in Isaac W. Obviously this has affected overall output but our RAC is still higher, remarkably. Well done everyone.

Team Positions 21/05/2006

New Recruits

Please give a hooge :wavey: welcome to Isaac W. who joins us in Division 2 this week. Welcome aboard m8!! :thumbsup:


Please give a fond farewell to JUGGY who was forced to stop crunching I believe and to Joe who has left us and is currently crunching solo. You are always welcome back guys. :nod:

The TPR Rosetta Top Crunchers 21/05/2006

The Team’s Top Crunchers this week are:

Excellent crunching guys. Well done everyone! :nod:

Position change from 15/05/2006 to 21/05/2006

Mostly steady progress this week, but a lot of zero scores still showing once more. Just the one promotion this week and the new joiner is helping to boost our total. The loss of JUGGY and Joe has caused some upward movement in the divisions, so I am only recording actual stomps. Well done guys. Here are the stats:

Premier League

Monitor-Man moves up 2 positions to 10th, stomping sirgaz and Master of Puppets

Division 1

colossusx moves up 4 positions to 7th, stomping Michael Roberts, drezha, BJEast75_RVFAngel, and more
tasi moves up a creditable 5 positions to 18th, stomping Timbo, war_pig, Mathena, and more
Mirek Sabiniewicz moves up 3 positions to 25th, stomping fillup
Zebra@ moves up 4 positions to 28th, stomping George Fischell & andyu
PROMOTED!helvio moves up 2 positions to 35th, due to the leavers, but did make actual progress. Well done m8!

Division 2

Walter O’Reilly moves up an impressive 6 positions to 3rd, stomping mackerel, phantomorrin, Iven_Hartford, and more
NEW! Isaac W. joins us in Division 2 and starts his rise to fame in 7th position. Welcome aboard m8 :thumbsup:

Another excellent week’s production even accounting for the losses. Well done everyone for keeping the Team on the up and up. Anyone who has Rosetta already on a cruncher, crank up your machines and get your name in the Hall of Fame. :nod:

Cheers for now!


396 points this week…nice to get rid of that zero production. Cheers Droid.

Glad the rosetta team have finally fixed pretty much those errors…

They have and added a new version.

May 16, 2006
Rosetta@home has been updated to 5.16. In addition to matching the date, the new app has slightly lower memory requirements and includes some improvements that will allow us to test different science protocols. More infohere.

Hope this helps us

Thanks for the news Droid:thumbsup:

The race to 1.5M is very close, but I think I’ll end up a few hours short:(

Hopefully Juggy can resume even if it is on one machine from home.

Welcome to Isaac W and well done to everyone on the progress.