TPR Saturday Seti Flame 25th March 2006

25 March 2006

New Recruits
None today :frowning:

None today! :slight_smile:

Premier League
No activity today :o

Division 1
AGD moves up 1 place to 9th stomping TREYEDEAN
jalagon moves up 1 place to 29th stomping Endre
ColossusX moves up 1 place to 34th stomping Ares

Division 2
Ulysses moves up 1 place to 19th stomping blanketpower
Michael Roberts moves up 1 place to 24th stomping Paul Day
Keith_M_B moves up 1 place to 35th stomping The Dirts
Dale moves up 2 places to 44th stomping Fantstav and somanvx
Zylas moves up 1 place to 46th stomping somanvx
Brian Howcroft moves up 2 places to 49th stomping MarcoReid and Mathena

Division 3
John Le Roy moves up 2 places to 9th stomping Robert Gerrard and Thentil
Bob Gaspardino moves up 1 place to 17th stomping Tom Moore
speedy170 moves up 1 place to 22nd stomping SJ761
Badliltexan moves up 1 place to 34th stomping CrystalShards
Madison McSpadden moves up 1 place to 42nd stomping derbal

Division 4
Texasvirgo moves up 2 places to 7th stomping DaGoof and SFL ORG.
Phill Blayney moves up 2 places to 23rd stomping BlueDragonRC and James J Lee
Scott moves up 1 place to 28th stomping Geophite
Andrew Lambert moves up 2 places to 33rd stomping NeoCow and Patfan73

Some nice :stomp: below here. The Div 5 & 6 crunchers showing the rest of us how to do it. :slight_smile:
Division 5
Pants moves up 3 places to 6th stomping Skyler, seti-king and Welrod45
Viking moves up 1 place to 16th stomping Lost John
Quaz moves up 2 places to 18th stomping fatteraj and Jaerik
NightWlf moves up 3 places to 37th stomping MMJ, bgl2 and milo909
Matthew Donovan moves up 5 places to 46th stomping putty_thing, Deac Starkiller, Sherie, bo_leggs, bagent and rangi

Division 6
MickeyC moves up 7 places to 5th stomping Sudip Ghosh, Alchemiste, Eugene McNiel, StalwartUK, Death, Ghawk and marcoman
RobSI moves up 1 place to 22nd stomping Dan Doyle

Crunch on young Jedii :slight_smile: :What’s the plural of Jedi :confused

bit quick off the mark there young Jedi - that’s using yesterday files. Just done todays run, it’s not how early you get up that’s the problem :chuckle:

This mornings run is uploaded, once again without the news_phoenix.txt as I am writing at this very moment the module to do that bit automatically :slight_smile:


LOL That’s the trouble with doing it before you’re awake and your head’s still a thumpin. Sorted now - (not the head though :D)

Hee hee i thought gizmo was gonna need to get worried for a moment there with me up 5 places yesterday and up another 5 today lol

Giz you know what i mean by you being worried :wink:

Yay - well the good news is that your manual matches my automated :lol:

Now it only I could inject enough caffeine to sort out the actual stomp reporting as it has a tendency to be rather wrong :cry:


Nice statge Mr B :thumbsup:

@DT Where is it falling down? I had a problem with stompers becoming stompees and giving a zero movement, so I used this to create the honourable mentions. Is this where the problem lies?

pretty much so Droid, but I can negate that with the info I am taking, just need a few hours of being sober to fix it …

it is the weekend after all :lol: :drink:


A stomp simply occurs when person A passes person B, its actually got nothing to do with league position :wink:

The confusion in the mind (mine anyway) its to do with the way we have traditionally presented the stats. There’s two distinctly separate pieces of information in this sentence :-

Viking moves up 1 place to 16th stomping Lost John

An equally valid one could be

Viking moves down 1 place to 18th stomping Lost John

So a better phrasing might be

Viking stomps Lost John moving up 1 place to 16th - or - Viking stomps Lost John but makes no position change - or- Viking stomps Lost John but moves down 1 place to 18th

The calculation must therefore look at names as a primary stomp identifier - but - the league position is also needed in the calc for identifying multiple stomps unless you’re going to inspect and compare names +/- ‘n’ positions in the history data.

completing ignore positions :wink: Done completely based on actual credit, that way the person who has been stomped being a 0 move from being a stomp within a stomp is irrelevant. I then go back and get position :wink:

So if yesterday = y and today = x any users that are in that bracket of less than or greater than rule, for todays value gets checked whether they were there yesterday …

If credit < DoubleTopTODAY and > DoubleTopYESTERDAY then
	If VictimYESTERDAY = victimTODAY then ' a definate stomp of an inactive

	ElseIf (something more clever)
	End If
End If

At least that is near to how it goes in my head … :lol: Still toying on the performance of the app, whether that is quicker than marking stomped users in order to find them from “inside” stomps.


To pick these no movements out I used:

=IF(AND(L25(stompers last week score)<L26(stompees last week score),N25(stompers movement this week)=0),“honourable mention”,"")

Basically if the person above’s last week’s score is less than the person’s below’s last week’s score, but the person above’s this week’s movement is zero, then they have stomped, but were stomped themselves.

Would this help at all?