TPR Team Crunching Stats

Time for a update in all the teams positions on various projects I think :nod: and a bit of a :clap: and :woot: post for how good we are :trophy:

So …

Boinc Combo

Total Credit = 16,850,310
10th place overal in Boinc Combo, being caught by “Hardware Upgrade - Seti@Home”, by about 10K credit a day, no conquests on the horizon with current output

Boinc Seti@Home

Total Credit = 10,645,369
We sit in 13th position in Seti@Home, with no pending attackers on us, but also no outlook for a :stomp: for us either :frowning:

Boinc Predictor@Home

Total Credit = 1,852,726
still keeping 3rd place, but some real big outputs being made in comparison from those below us, FIU-SCS will be stomping us today and Team MacN may also get us today, if not they will definately get us tomorrow :frowning:

Boinc Climate Prediction

Total Credit = 3,693,971
16th place is ours at the moment, The Knights Who Say Ni! are the threat to out position, Team MacN above us are about 1mill credits ahead and the only ones producing less than us, some possible :stomp: for them if they continue to push on Predictor

Boinc Pirates@Home

Total Credit = 1,661
Aha me hearties, seems the hatches are battened down, not much work been handed out on Pirates, we sit in 21st position… looks like the project has stopped ???

Boinc LHC@Home

Total Credit = 273,857
8the place on LHC for TPR :clap: a couple od extra users on here could easily a :stomp: of SETI@Netherlands, quite a few beneath TPR in positions where they will be stomping us soon…

Boinc Einstein@Home

66th place, with 19 active crunchers for Einstein, Mortlake heads the total credit pile, with The Worm that turned being the highest TPR producer at the moment for TPR :clap:

Boinc ALife@Home

Total Credit = 20,188
With 7 members on TPR for this little beta project, a good showing I think :nod: Let’s hope that Christian continues the project on neural network evolution, I’ve given him links to Kevin Warwick from Reading University who is seen as the cybernetics man for the UK, lets hope the project gets larger :xfinger:


Seti Classic

Total Credit = 5,315,156
currently in 19th place in overall groups, with 5.3 million classic units :hail: :clap:


Total Credit = 2,027,845
I know its finished, but nice to remind ourselves and pat ourselves on the back for helping the project complete the work and have the project close with stats like this Thought I’d drop this one in for the newer members, we have this one in our :trophy: cabinet :smiley:


Total Cands = 728,926 Total Confs = 14,578,520
14th overall which is a fantastic acheivement considering the short time (couple of months???) we have had a D2OL team. The boinc alternate big project on TPR at the moment it would seem :nod: A big :clap: and a :stomp: warning for team Denmark :smiley:


stats taken from show 20 active Folders for TPR, and progress from 93rd position coming soon :slight_smile: We have 3,444,786 points and are outproducing a fair amount of those above us, the problem is they are a few million points above us, and there are teams below us in the same boat


TPR :headbang: don’t we :smiley: Let’s keep on pushing, assimilating and getting every unit we can for TPR, remembering that you are the team, we make the team, and the team will always be here and be the best :smiley:

As a valued member of TPR once said…

We came for Seti, we stayed for TPR


:woot: Excellent roundup of our current status DT. Upwards TPR :rocker::thumbsup:

Cheers DT!

Pity about Predictor and it’s a shame that A life has stopped for the minute…let’s home it comes back stronger! :smiley:

:thumbsup: to all and :cheers: to the team! :smiley:

Nicely done DT! :thumbsup:

Good job team! It’s amazing how many projects we are involved in :slight_smile:
Definately the TPR way!

an excellent round-up of the success of tpr!
proud to be a part of the team :slight_smile:


Cheers for the update DT :thumbsup: Individual stats for SETI and Predictor to follow later…

Thanks DT, awesome to see the effort we all put in to help worthy causes.

A true tribute to the human spirit and our team as a whole.

Appreciate all the work DT!

WOW! :eek: added together thats a staggering amount of work, Great Work All :smiley:

:thumbsup: I tried seti but didnt agree I left crunching I returned with Lifemapper !! what an awesome project and to double the smile we where top of the pile !! :):smiley:

now to see those statsisticss is amasing :slight_smile: one day people we will all be able to turn around and say we made a difference :wink: in many many ways :slight_smile:

Well done all

Excellent work all ! Thanks for compile of all the details Sir DT…

One only needs to take a step to make a difference…TPR people have taken more then that, a leap for sure…again excellent work to all!

:thumbsup: Nice one DT!

As D2OL seems to be trucking along nicely, think I’ll switch my D2OL machines back to BOINC for a while and give us a weee kick there - so the boyos will be safe for a while :wink:

Thanx Doubletop, I have been having STATS withdrawl ever sents The Barlog took a Sabatical. :smiley:

Thanks for the roundup DT :thumbsup:

Awsome amount of effort there from all of us :woot:

so if I made something that put a post in this style together as well to compliment the other bit I’ve done today I think we have a lot of bases covered, or is that too much news and stats? (is that possible?)


It must be time-consuming to “come up with” the words. I know it would be for me.

For the numbers, I’d like to see

  1. Total Credit, 2) Last Month’s Recent Credit, and 3) Todays Recent Credit.

…and maybe the number of active crunchers last month and the number of active crunchers today.

I’m sure we would appreciate any summary that you could generate.

Thanks for the work.


Thanks DT - tbh I’d forgotten what an awesome team this is! :thumbsup:

I thought you did a good job DT, I liked the format. If you’re continuing to do it a big thanks :wink: Keep up the good work :clap: :thumbsup: