Transport needed

nothing is going to stop me going to Mojo’s, getting away might be a slight problem though.

I’ll be in plaster for mojo’s and so unable to drive, I can get there but I’m in need of a lift back to this side of the country(east). There’s no need to get me all the way home but 75% of the way would be cool, anyone able to assist?

if no one reply’s… Mojo, how about a live in layabout. :smiley:

Where on east side of the country? I’ll be heading back Leicester after mojo’s

Draw a line from leeds to nottingham, anywhere to the right of that line, so Leicester is looking a damn fine option, thank you.

Well i’ll be heading just shy of Leicester too Coalville but can easy make a detour.

I’ll talk to you closer to the event tho :slight_smile:

cool, ta

Start sweet talking and I might take you… havn’t got a lot of room though

Thank you both for your offers, I’ve managed to organise transport, and help somone else out at the same time,

Thank you anyways, Look forward to seeing you both there