Try walking drunk...

lol 18m

I’m a seasoned pro at this one every time I leave the pub I do about 400 :slight_smile:

Got 48 on the game though :cheers:


71 here but I’ve been playing all morning.

57 on 2nd go :slight_smile:

54M. Fimiliar feeling:lol:

blocked by :mad: :realmad: :wall: :cussing: :censored: :razz: websense got some real hitler infrastructure people here who enjoy lording over us simple developers and stoping us having fun while they have the passwords to bypass websense… :wink:

Nice one it works! Together we can fight the tyrants… muaha ha ha ha :smiley:

Fun game too.

try with a trackball, loads easier, ReikiMaster just got 79 !!!


Cheers Rids, :smiley:

Down with the oppressive regimes :smash: :wink:

69M :smiley:

Quite realistic really, 80m second go.

83m :drink:

74m maybe I need to be drunk to play :glug:

seems like a plan :cheers: :glug:

That’s better. 1 glass cider (small) 1 bottle Chardonnay (whole), 2 pints old Thumper (now gone off).