Trying to save a little money

I’m trying to save a little money atm.

I spotted Toca Race Driver 2 forsale s/hand and as my kids love Toca Race Driver, I thought I would treat them.

Game arrived today and what do I find, it’s on DVD, nether of the Kids pc’s have DVD drives in them, only CD roms…so now I have had to buy a pair of DVD drives.

Me saving money is not going to well :smiley:

That is a bugger, well at last now it’s done and you’ll be able to buys them DVD games in future.

Cant you rip an image of the disk on your machine that has a dvd drive then use a virtual dvd to run the game ?

I don’t think it will as the copy protection is very robust

I have ordered a couple from e-buyer now :slight_smile:

It’s a very good game btw

Generic ones aren’t that dear now though & it’s a good investment for later as well.
/me tries to be positive.

You were going to have to upgrade it sooner or later, at least now you can stick dvds on their computers and keep the tv to yourself :D.