Twittering for "company"

Just a quick poll/survey :slight_smile:

Who twitters here? And have you found a number of your ‘followers’ to be scantily clad ladies or twitter feeds that are quite clearly prostitution adverts?

Seems to me like it’s very quickly descending into the oldest profession, a simple test search resulted in more than a couple of feeds for “houses” where a number of “ladies of questionable morals” reside.

With so many companies being advised to use Twitter as an advertising route, I’ve started to see some of them getting these types of followers to even the most boring and dull techy feeds, and a little more work found a number of feeds letting people know which ladies are currently “home”.

It has been well documented that the founders of Twitter have struggled to turn a profit, yet many Twitters are using the service to make money. I can’t find anything within the T&C to request a pull of these feeds either.

One more reason to stay away, or get away if you are already there in my opinion. This sort of usage will quickly spread, can you remember the hotornot website and what happened there? That was killed basically once the “adult industry” took hold. Twitter must step up to the plate and deal with this, or they will very quickly get taken down into the gutter.

I’m sure there are already adult alternatives to Twitter, but they are getting very close to the line.

What are your thoughts ladies and gents?


I agree. Freinds REunited started getting that too.

Twitter, Facebook, etc etc, never used em and probably never will, partly because of the underlying implications of who is using it, and why.

Do you get points for how many people you have listed as ‘friends’ ? - even though you’ve never met them, won’t ever meet them, and probably wouldn’t recognize them if they sat next to you on a bus :slight_smile:

… hmm, sorry, got a little carried away there, Mojo usually remarks on things like this a little better :wink:

I believe I have a twitter account but think I went on it once and didn’t bother after that. Can’t even remember my log in :lol:

I do but barely use it.

Naemly I annoy people by just updating my facebook status…

I did have a twitter account for a couple of months. I got a few requests from ladees but locked my account down to request auth for followers, which I quickly denied.

Got bored and deleted my account there a while back now.

Same here. Looked like a fun idea, but it got too high maintenance, and it went in the bin.

Same with blogging. Had a couple or three, different themes, but got hit with a combo of free-speechers and religious fundamentalists. Neither liked moderation. Got rid. Now I only have one blog where I get the occasional ‘do you think your god?’ post. Yeh, my blog, my crap, yes I do :smiley:

Can’t keep 'Er Indoors off F-book. Can’t talk to her once she’s got into that ‘Farmville’ thing… Hours she spends on that.:confused:

Twitter ?

Never used it.
Was the name meant to be a clever marketing ploy or an admission requirement ?

I paid the £5 for friends re-united membership, discovered exactly why I hadnt kept in touch with most of the people I went to school with and kicked it into touch when the £5 turned out to be an annual membership.

Any site that wants to be the new “big thing” on the internet is doomed to failure, if the only reason to use it is to “be there”.

I quite like the old school applications for staying in touch, you know, Email and maybe even …

As for getting special twitters DT, you havent been dropping your business cards in half built fire stations ?
You know the ones, waiting for the fire engines to be delivered but they have already built the firemans pole while its being converted from a bar to a fire station.


Loving the half built fire stations !!!


Personally I “follow” a couple of people, jimmy carr and the like, mostly read when i’m munching a sandwich at lunchtime.

I also have a work account which I update with notes and the people that I work with do the same, we all are locked down and knowone else can follow or see our notes, not that they would mean much to anyone. Its proved a useful tool to pass info between us.

So yes, twitter is useful to me.

As for facebook, i’ve had to do that, just to find out what my family are doing !

I’ve told my family to keep my name (and identity) off of their social-engineering sites.
Anyone who wants to get in touch with me can use conventional means.

–I guess I’m just a “stick in the mud” private person.

i had to open a facebook account to be able to research a local persons’ facebook and the comments posted regarding a rather unpleasant crime.

not used it since.

twitter? the first 4 letters sums it up IMO

I have an account, follow a few peeps…Suzy Perry, Gadget show honest :wink: mainly for AVF stuff, main use during the summer was to keep up with the cricket, Ashes and Notts CCC.


clears throat

Twitter - what’s the difference between this and a blog, an e-mail feed, RSS, or a website with a news feed? In other words, why? If brasses are using it for adverts well at least someone has found a valid use for it. I don’t want my 140 character ration of anything thanks.

Facetube et al, well once you meet someone who can only run their relationships via social networking sites then you’d know why I hate them. The ability to “turn off” your social life and only “log in” to your friends when you feel like it will I confidently predict produce a generation or seven of socially inept people who cannot relate to others in real life. As Mr Witt so rightly says there are many ways to keep in touch why do we need this? Give me ONE valid reason.

I was in the pub (a pre-Facetube site for social networking for you youngsters) listening to two women from the village talking. One says “we’ve just been on holiday” - “ooh was it nice, any pics?” - “yes you can log into Facebook and look at them”. Conversation over, both sat looking bored and mildly confused. They couldn’t even ruddy talk to each other any more. If they had been sat next to each other with a pair of Netbooks they would have been typing away like billy-oh. How utterly sad and depressing is that?

I like my friends to contact me whenever they like. If I only want to hear from them when I choose to visit Facetube I’m not much of a friend. Ditto I like knowing I can ring them whenever and they’ll respond if they are able. I like to print off pictures, or store them on my mobile, so I can have the “this is me in…” conversation. I like getting texts when a friend for some reason has a random thought about me. I got one the other day from a chap having a beer - with a picture of a beer. Made me chuckle, it was real, immediate, it was interaction. I like getting letters, someone sits down at a laptop or desk and takes the trouble to pen something to me, makes me feel good. And the “others”, who are not part of my life, or at the most a very peripheral part, well that’s where they’ll stay. I’m not going to invite them into my circle of “friends” on YouBook because that’s just lying to them. If I really can’t be bothered keeping in touch with someone do I really want to fool both of us into thinking we are “friends” by adding them to my B-List friend site? Are all my friends so distant, generic, impersonal, alike, that one blanket outpouring of FaceTwattery will meet all their needs?

Oh no, they cry, its sooooooooo useful You can update everyone on what’s new all at once. May as well say “I can’t be arsed interacting with my friends as individuals, I just post up this week’s interaction and they can make do”. “Your can keep in touch with others” - I can already. “You can meet people you lost touch with” - you can anyway, wouldn’t take much to find most of those we lost touch with. If we didn’t make the effort… there was probably a reason.

Is this what we are now? As a species we are supposedly social animals, we were before the telephone. before the pen. Certainly before Bimbo, Twatter, StrangersReintroduced, Youbook and Facetube. I just hope when I am finally taken from the South Shropshire Home for the Bewildered to the local tip in a black bag, we haven’t lost the skill of interaction. Because this is the real victim, and in a divided society faced with real challenges that’s the last thing we need IMVHO.

You can’t defer real life to a time when it suits you. You shouldn’t defer interaction with others when it is not convenient. The skill of interaction, of dealing with life as it happens, of coping with others’ issues in real time, treating others as valid individuals, being mindful or our peers’ needs, all these are essential parts of a human, and fundamental parts of any meaningful relationship, sexual or fraternal. Society has decided we can’t be bothered with these any more, we’ll just have a website for it. Wrap it up in adverts and graphics, compartmentalise it, make it safe and manageable. Why oh why oh why? What is so ruddy important that we haven’t time for our friends any more? If it is because we are too busy interacting with our families, lovers, real friends and the like, case proven m’lud. If it is that we don’t have the skills or the will to interact with others we just lost a few millennia of evolution.

The next time you want to “poke” someone, ring them, text them, write to them, skype them, go out for a beer with them or email them instead. What, you can’t? You aren’t close enough/have the details/have the time/want to? Gee I wonder why. What, you already do those things? Then back to the original question, why oh why oh why??? Suggestion: continue your development as an adult and learn how to deal with real people, in real time, for real reasons. Its very rewarding. Show your friends the respect they deserve by not relating to them as a herd, a block, a category and give them some quality attention. It’ll pay off big style for both of you.

Here endeth.

So eloquent Mojo :nod:
DITTO! :smiley:

Don’t hold back there Martin :lol:

Happy Christmas Mojo :slight_smile:


With all these impersonal methods of communication they can remove the art of speaking face to face.

I’ve witnessed it in my own daughter, bantering away on msn and facebook, talking about everything you can imagine and some things I didn’t. Yet face to face she would be silent with those same friends, its only now that she has started collage that facebook has turned into a site where they arrange to meet rather than live their life, effectively she has only just learn’t the art of being social face to face.

As somebody that has been along for the ride from notes passed in class to phone calls, CB radio, emails, text, forums, personal web pages… I can however see the value of it, I am not converted to it and it won’t get details of my life but I can see that it has a use, how is it so different to this forum for example, want a tpr meet up and it gets put up on here, how does that differ from putting it on facebook ? surely its just a version for the none nerds amongst us ?

Nothing will be better than meeting face to face but being stubborn about how that occurs isn’t proving anything . Telephone, better than text ? should I toss my mobile in the bin and only accept land line phone calls, should I ignore my forum account and only read personal letters ?

I would put a counter argument that facebook, twitter, whatever should be seen them for what they should be, newer methods of keeping proper friends in contact and not written off because you don’t want to use them.
Hids and I will meet for a beer in January because she told me she is in sussex then through facebook, seems that its not so bad to me :hat:

And yes, I would be happier to meet in person and have this discussion over a beer :lol:

[QUOTE=Curly99;447623]Happy Christmas Mojo :slight_smile:


Like wot he said. And then some. Online.:smiley:

[QUOTE=Peige;447626] Telephone, better than text ? should I toss my mobile in the bin and only accept land line phone calls, should I ignore my forum account and only read personal letters ?

Nope, keep your mobile handy.
The science museum phone was just the best picture of a phone I could find.

Texts and phone calls are to me, personal communication and the difference is you call an individual, send a text to a person.
With facebook, you are writing it on a whiteboard for all to see.
In fact that has more parallels than I realised since writing on a whiteboard means you have turned your back to those you might wish to communicate with.
All of these sites have a place but should be a supplemental form of communication.

And yes, I would be happier to meet in person and have this discussion over a beer :lol:[/QUOTE]
Cannot argue with that