U.S. Election

Come on then. Who and why?

Can some kind soul change the title to who SHOULD get in.

Not interested in who will, but who people would vote for.

Personally I think anyone will be better than Bush, but as all politicians are completely dishonest, corrupt and out for themselves then I go for none of the above.

Need a don’t know button. Find it hard enough to understand UK politics. The US situation is a complete mystery.

Not keen on Bush, but I know nothing about the other guy. So as far as I’m concerned, none of the above.

It’s Kerry…
But don’t really like him either.
It really don’t matter, because it is not the vote of the people that truly elects a president. but the delegates of the states that are suppose to vote as the majority of the voters of their state. Yet they don’t have to. It has happened befor that a president has lost even with the majority of the votes… Anyone wants to say who that was!

It’s Bush for me. Better the Ass we know than the one we dont. I belive gore lost in the electoral while winning the popular vote. We can only thank god that idiot is not in charge in these times.

Bush for me too. Mainly because I don’t want Kerry (who won’t uphold certain areas of the constitution and is a bigger fraud than Bush). Once again it is the choice of lesser evils.

Kerry for me. Bush doesn’t uphold the constitution either, he is a blatant liar and a dork. Kerry may be just as bad but he can’t be worse. The world is an entirely sh***ier place to live now, and a lot of that stems to Bush’s foreign policies, IMHO of course :D:

Anyone but Bush. (and that includes Kermit the frog! at least he admits to being a puppet! )

What happens to Americans when they get involved in politics? I’ve never met a ‘Joe Public’ American who wasn’t honest and likeable, but your politicians all seem to be the most corrupt, inpmpetent, xenophobic ****'s on the planet! Do they get taken somewhere to have their morals and decency surgically removed? (or in the case of Bush, to have the Blair-shaped haemorrhoid removed) :wink:


I have to agree. Bring on Kermit, failing that i guess I vote for Kerry (lesser of two evils)



Michael Badnarik… Liberatarian. No chance of him making it to office, but I’d rather him than Bush or Kerry. Of the two actual candidates likely, bring Bush back. I think Bush is starting to try and clean up some of the mess he’s made, but I can assure you Kerry will just cause a bigger mess in foreign policy.

Then on the homefront, there are quite a few constitutional rights Kerry won’t support and will in fact fight to change, whatever he says right now. Bush is too engrossed in his current quagmire to muck up much more.

I say change the constitution and allow Big Bill Clinton to take another term. You definitely need someone with his kind of charisma.

Bush don’t got it and Kerry will never have it, so there aint much choice.

I voted “none of the above”… :nod:

Kerry’s policy on developing an effective alternative to oil for the states massive energy consumption deserves credit. Bush just wants to look for more oil, which is not sustainable in the long term not to mention damaging to the global climate.

Some might even suggest that’s part of the reason for the war on terror :-0


I’d go for Bush - by far the best character in spitting image. :smiley: Oh maybe apart from professor Liebstrom

He Can’t, according to the wide ranging TPR poll he’s won!!! :smiley:

Sort of related to this poll, does anyone know if this site is legit?, the points it debates seem to make sense, and at the bottom of the 2 what this means sections makes interesting reading.


Not sure about the statistics, but the message is spot on. America, the country of “freedom and democracy” has one of the worst propoganda machines running 24/7… the media outlets. The amount of bad information put out by TV news channels here is truly amazing.

With that said, a lot of people I’ve heard on foreign soil are asking how we can possibly put Bush into office again. Those media outlets are pushing that if Iraq isn’t contained, our soil is at risk of bloodshed again. People aren’t voting for Kerry because he’s not pushing domestic security by supporting the war effort. Right or wrong, the media here has really pushed that war is necessary to keep our homes safe and Bush uses that to point out he’s keeping America safe.

Generally speaking, I think a lot of Americans are more concerned about policies at home than of what the world thinks of us or what we’re doing on foreign soil other than protecting our homes.

Bush for me…I’m a small business person and need the GOP. The Dem’s are poor at supporting small business people and have always been. Yes while the big business also gets a ride on small business, I couldn’t get a sit down with any Dem’s to talk over anything. Denny H (Speaker of House) has taken hours speaking with me and is making efforts to move things a long. I tried with several Dem’s and all I got was he’s busy or please send a email or letter and we can review it. I shouldn’t require a invite to talk , heck I’m footing the bill…I consult over 3000+ employees thru clients a year…and It’s nice to get an ear once in a while. So that said…go Bush and small business people everywhere…and hey Dem’s get with the program…it’s business that makes everything work and the people…not your party.

Bring back Ronald Raygun IMO :stuck_out_tongue:

I was not suprised to see George Bush returned to office. The only sources here who stated otherwise seemed to be the liberal press. I understand the conservative and “middle of the road” press in America don’t get much airtime abroad. The liberal press delayed declaring Bush the winner of state after state until well beyond the point there could be any doubt. I believe the press here has lost all credibility with the majority of Americans.

The Bush margin of 3.5 million votes was substantial. Why? First angering the French did not fit into the equation. No one here could care less what they think. National security is an important issue and most Americans feel Bush is the stronger leader. But, I don’t think that was the most important factor. The majority of people felt that Kerry would quickly change his tune and strongly defend the US if he were to become President.

No, the real divide was in social policy. I’m not refering to welfare, dole or other transfer payment policy. Many Americans feel the nation is moving toward a “everyone do their own thing” society with no moral compass or sense of communal responsibility. We highly value our individualistic society but there is a feeling individual responsibility has declined alarmingly in recent years. There is a feeling hard work to get ahead has given some ground to who has the best lawyers.

To understand American politics you must see the values issues in context.