uh oh

looks like Lifemapper is having a problem.

Both Curly and I are getting an error message :
Maximum memory capacity for data points and sources has been reached

Looks like the home crunchers will be down. It causes the client to die. :frowning:

Woke up this morning to find i had the error again, doesn’t seem to be happening on every upload/download, posted on the lifemapper forums about the problem, but yet to get a reply.


Beginning of the week 2 or 3 times I had a prob with the client endless trying to connect on 1 computer while other machines connected w/o any trouble.
Manual connect didn’t help.
Exit the client and the icon dissapeared but the process was still in the process list. After canceling the process and deleting the lock.dat restart of the client worked and it was connecting again.

First I thought something went :flip: on this computer but now I wonder if there is a connection related bug? Did your errors come up during the crunching or at the beginning/end when the client is connecting to lifemapper server?

client uploads the data ok, but the error seems to occur when the client tries to connect to get new data


Well, my two pc’s seem to be okay here at work :confused:

Had the same error this morning :frowning: , don’t know when it happened, so my output will be lower today.

I have got the same probs here - which means production will be down until I get back home :frowning:

Both machines Borked now :(, tried the same as Len still no joy.
It is definately when the client is trying to d/l a new wu. Maybe some dodgy wus?

EDIT: kept restarting client and finally got a wu it was happy with. So looks like the client doesn’t like some wus and you have to keep connecting to get a good wu.


not a good day for this to be playing up - the day I’ve moved a couple of machines back to lifemapperas we are whipping arse in the drag race… :mad:

Curly - watch ya back - I’m coming for you…


/edit having to do the same as Goody here to get units going

Odd… I haven’t had that problem… yet. :wink:

Are you on specific species/data source jeff? This might be a solution as I have no preference set.

I’m specifying “plants” if that’s any help… I just sat and watched my client complete, upload and download with no problem.

Thanks Rids, mine is happily crunching a plant wu atm. I think I’ll try crunching them for awhile. I’ll let you know the outcome.

EDIT: just changed the pref to plant and the one pc that was stuck d/l fine, so this seems to be an interim solution :slight_smile:

Fish is what I’m currently focused on.

Well by the looks of the number of units uploaded since the last stats compared to this box, the home farm is DOWN! :frowning:

That is real lto bad. If I had a CLI a restart would have ben a breeze. VNC is really not an option over dialup. :frowning:

I need to look at a way to monitor the environment remotely. Time to add the Unix tools to those boxes.

Just did it again! The current unit is

Scientific name : Tamias Dorsalis
Common name: Cliff chipmunk
Type of organism: Mammal

Log file output:

Thu Jul 24 06:34:00 2003 - [  1256] [AP] : [CJobPacket] => Work unit done. Last state file saved to disk
Thu Jul 24 06:34:01 2003 - [  1256] [AP] : [CJobPacket] => Sending results to server
Thu Jul 24 06:34:05 2003 - [  1256] [AP] : [SendResult response] => <JobPacket Id="1106022" lLastErrorNum="0" sLastErrorDescr="Success" bRetry="false"></JobPacket>
Thu Jul 24 06:34:05 2003 - [  1256] [AP] : [CJobPacket] => Cleaning state files
Thu Jul 24 06:34:05 2003 - [  1256] [AP] : [CJobPacket] => State files cleaned
Thu Jul 24 06:34:05 2003 - [  1256] [AP] : [CJobPacket] => The results have been sent to server
Thu Jul 24 06:34:10 2003 - [  1256] [AP] : [CJobPacket] => Getting new job from server
Thu Jul 24 06:34:10 2003 - [  1256] [AP] : [TruncateLogFile] => TruncateLogFile entered
Thu Jul 24 06:34:10 2003 - [  1256] [AP] : [TruncateLogFile] => Log file too small to truncate. Wait when it is bigger
Thu Jul 24 06:34:10 2003 - [  1256] [AP] : [TruncateLogFile] => Leaving TruncateLogFile
Thu Jul 24 06:35:32 2003 - [  1256] [AP] : [Fatal Error] => Maximum memory capacity for data points and sources has been reached
Thu Jul 24 06:35:32 2003 - [  1256] [AP] : [GraphicalUserInterface] => GetOperationMode entered
Thu Jul 24 06:35:32 2003 - [  1256] [AP] : [Command line options] => "C:\Program Files\Lifemapper\Lifemapper.exe" 
Thu Jul 24 06:35:32 2003 - [  1256] [AP] : [KDIApplication] => Application mode

looks like a DL problem with the WU’s probably mammals.

Switched preferences to fish from Unknown

my saver.log is the same, i don’t seem to be having these problems now I have swiched to plants (thx Rids)


No probs so far with mapping plants! :slight_smile:

Seems lifemapper has looked in to this prob, and it should be sorted, for details go HERE


spooky had that yesterday:eek:

Its crunching as normal now but I was forced to hard terminate