@ Ulli

Boinc Top Users Positions 17 & 18

Better get a move on m8 :smiley:

BTW any news of SETI-Boinc your side of the channel.

i am fighting hard with N2OCapri to get 20K, …

BOINC News, yes

For nearly one year by a small group by beta testers the Distributed
Computing project of astropulses - with the new BOINC infrastructure -
is tested.

Now the indications mehren themselves that it can last now really not
more for a long time to SETI@home I with BOINC to the start goes.

After we reported already some time ago on the fact that the
responsible persons in Berkeley plan the start of a SETI@home I
Clients for October this yearly, consolidates itself the signs that
Dr. David Anderson one are firmly decided and its fellow combatants
this date without further to keep larger delays too.

The New York TIMES published to 11.9.2003 an article under the title ’
more from the unused PC time makes '. Therein project manager Anderson
one announces again the appearance of a SETI@home I Clients for BOINC
in October and different Distributed Computing of projects, e.g. the
already successfully working projects Folding@home and
ClimatePrediction explain again their interest in BOINC.

But straight also new scientific projects, so far without own
infrastructure, think about the employment of BOINC. For it BOINC
would offer the possibility of saving the considerable costs of the
development in genes of a platform and of concentrating fully on the
science. A project from the range of the bio genetics at the Woods
gets navy Laboratory plans BOINC for the comparison of DNA sequences
of different ways of life to the reconstruction of the evolutionary
process to use. Two prominent physics of projects, one around large
particle accelerators in Europe and a project for the research of
gravitation waves in the USA examine likewise the employment of BOINC.

But on which we all naturally strained wait are the SETI@home Client
4.x. and for a long time can it now any longer last. Since short time
with Eric Korpela, Jeff Cobb and matt Lebofsky also some SETI@home
sizes with BOINC entered. It reported that the Umgewoehnung for it is
quite somewhat painful, but it means also that the adjustments at
BOINC stand briefly now before the conclusion. A SETI@home 4.x Client
for Sun/Solaris and many SETI@home WU’s of the new XML generation are
in astropulses the Downloadbereich and at present still on the
Berkeley to own computers are already tested.

Yesterday now the Planetary Society - one of the main sponsors of
SETI@home - in an article new one and Improved SETI@home wants
summarized form the Backbone OF Distributed Computing network the
current conditions. The author Amir Alexander particularly stresses
the meaning of the SETI@home experiences, which flowed into BOINC and
that BOINC will form the back wheel for a coming Distributed Computing

And Dr. David Anderson one is quoted, it hopes to be able to increase
the small number of beta testers, which can work with BOINC, with
SETI@home I BOINC, inerhalb the next 2 months to approximately 10,000.

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btw the CGI Scripts are down, and Setiatwork report also no knew Stats

Seems like every weekend we’re getting malicious DDOS attacks, wreaking havoc
with our webserver. Sorry about that. Hopefully we can take measures to
better streamline our webload and prevent this DDOSing from happening, but
it’s a difficult problem.

SAH Administration

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this Kiddiers are stupid:realmad: :realmad: :realmad:

Sir Ulli

Thanks for that Ulli & good luck with the 20K race.

Dossers, tossers but I suppose in the long run it will make the system more secure though.

Con:woot:ulations Ulli on the 20K race. Looks like I Boinc’ed you just in time but I’m sure you’ll soon get your position back. I’ve just suspended on my Boinc machine put it back to Seti because of the bad Astropulse download situation.


just noticed your post at the BOINC forums, indeed it is bad at the last Days,

if you have WUs that are not downloading, try this, get Preferences first

boinc_gui -file_xfer_giveup_period 0

at your BOINC Directory, and then

Use ‘Retrie now’ for all downloads in transfer window.
Send all information to the scheduler with ‘Get prefenrences’.
Restart the client without the option.

if this is still not working, then you have to

Reset Project,

at the main Window, just test it, and this is still working.

Sir Ulli