Can anyone recommend a good, crapware free ‘undeleter’ type program?

Ive had a a look around but most look scummy…dont know what manner of nasties they might bring with them.


In the old days, i used to use a proggy called Windelete. I googled around and found a versions 5, but no good reviews about it. It used to be good in the days of Win 3.1

are you trying to recover something already deleted or protecting yourself from future mishaps?

Sorry yeah, i need somthing that can search for and recover individual files.#

That is to say, somthing to help me out AFTER ive been a prat and deleted the file :wink:

Trying to remember the file deleter I used…
had a decent undeleter with it as well you see…It’ll be on one of my DVD’s. I’ll try and find for you.


I still use tuneup utilities. its got a 30 day trial then you have to buy a copy, but its well worth the money, as it comes with other tools for cleaning up the c*** windows creates :slight_smile:

Ah tuneup is nice, very slick.

Duly, umm, purchased.

Um actually, tunr out tune up doesent suit my needs really. I seem to find that most ‘data recovery’ progs list all the files on my drive, deleted and not deleted. Why the hell do i want that? I just want the ones that have been deleted :angry:

Ive reluctantly gone crawling back to norton to see what theyve got now, as i used norton unerase back in the day which was perfect for my needs. But im still open to suggestions.

If you go into the utilities menu from the Tuneup folder there is a program called TuneUp Undelete this finds the deleted items on your drive. As I said before it also includes additional features to clean up the mess Windows leaves behind. This also includes a program that does list files on the hard drive, to clean up, as it’s name states :slight_smile:

They also provided a time trial version for a reason…

Google :wink: … 1 word

Equals = http://www.geocities.jp/br_kato/

I have had a lot of success with Recover4 All - from http://www.recover4all.com/

Run it on the hd in question and it gives you all the files that have been deleted and shows what chance it reckons of recovering them. If they have only recently been killed you should be able to get them back without any problems. It is shareware but not expensive if you decide to purchase.