Updated website for your scrutiny please

Hi Guys

I’ve been updating the website I’ve created for my brother-in-law, basically taking out all the frames and rejigging it so it works OK with the on-line shopping cart provider.

Would you check it out for me under other operating systems & browsers and let me know if there are any issues I should be aware of. It works fine in IE6 and for the most part in Opera, but I would be grateful for your feedback please.


Thanks in advance for your help :thumbsup:

Checked with Firefox 1.0. Overall pretty good. I don’t much like the magenta/yellow colour scheme, but then, I’m no artist! Seriously, here are a few inconsistencies you could think about:

Most tabs refresh the current page, but Process launches a new window.
Most tabs have a title in the yellow banner, but the Animals title is blank and Monsters requires a plugin that I don’t (yet) have.

From the point of view of good user interface design, the currently activated tab should look different in some way from the others.

The bright magenta highlight in the tabs interferes a little with the readability of the yellow text in the tab.

The yellow banner in the Animals page is a Javascript that also does not show in Opera. I think I’ll scrap it and have something different in there. The one in the Monsters page is a java applet that does not work in Opera either. I’ll have to rethink that, although it does look gorgeous in IE6.

Thanks for the feedback Michael :thumbsup:

Does anyone know if there is anyway, you can tweak Opera so that it can read .jar files in Java applets. They obviously work OK in IE, but I would love to know if there is any way to tweak other browsers.

The effect I use on the site looks lovely, but only in IE which is annoying. I’ve already adjusted it to bring up the Java console in the case of errors, but this does not happen and I’ve ticked every other box that refers to Java.

Any ideas?