urgent help please

i’m trying to install a fresh copy of xp the cd key won’t work so can’t format the drive :frowning: also i tried right clicking on c drive and doing a format that way but it said it can’t format this drive any help please :slight_smile:
many thanks brucie

Are you sure the CD key you’re putting in is correct

I ask because I remember trying for about 15 minutes once … and wondering what the **** was wrong … until I saw I’d swapped a couple of letters round somehow :rolleyes: (B for D … no idea why my brain did it :shrug: )

Hate to delve in here without knowing everything but the best way to do a fresh install is to change the bios to boot to cd first and then boot from the cd and follow the instructions from there… even if its the upgrade disk.
Afaik it won’t ask you for the cd key until quite a way into the install, but the font can be quite tricky to read, maybe get somebody else to take a look at it too…

More info would be helpfull because i would guess that going at this in a wierd way and windows is getting its pants in a twist when you try and format C :eek:

yep cd key is entered correctly tried un upgrade still no joy:(

hmmm, lets back up a little and get our feet firm …

are you running XP now - and wanting to completely wipe the hard drive and do a fresh instal of XP with the same disc. ?

or are you upgrading from something else to XP ?

yes sorry it’s got xp on it atm i want to completley wipe the drive and reinstall xp

Orginal disc ? for the Key you have

Or is there scope for selecting the wrong disc STD XP or XP with SP1 for

it’s the same disc and cd key i used to install it the first time on the same pc

Can’t you reboot in XP to a DOS prompt, format it from there and then boot from the CD?
Droid<---------- knows nowt about XP yet

does it give you some kind of message then ? … like …

Windows XP is already installed on this computer, you cannot upgrade this system, Windows XP will now exit

or similar ?

I don’t know if that’s right … possibly you need to format before hand, and would suggest the advice from Peige about altering the Bios setting so first boot device is CD Rom. edit … or Droids method with dos/command prompt ?

or if you have a win 98 startup floppy disc it has the < format c: > option on it :shrug:

it’s set to boot from cd rom first and i don’t know how to do the dos bit …lol

So it won’t boot from the cd then ?

Do you see a message like “press any key to boot from cd”

there’s something odd here… You have the opportunity to delete/create partitions and format long before you have the chance to enter the licence key.

Boot from the CD and follow the prompts. Don’t try to format C: first.

Thats whats confusing me too :confused:

Boot from CD set in bios, check :smiley:

When machine boots, you should see a “press any key to boot from cd”
Then you get a press F6 to load scsi adapters (ignore)
Then a welcome to Windows setup. Then F8 for accepting licence agreement. Then the partition information, where to install, then copies files.

/me gets out blank HD to make sure that’s the right order …


it is DT I install Xp almost daily…

just doing 2003 server now as the Boinc testing group is running short on test results off that and linux, so test rig is powered up :smiley: Busy today :lol:


i was gonna say in my experiance it doesnt ask for the Cd key untill the final stage of the instilation.
formatting should come first.
/Say the person who is constantly asking for help!

thanks guys will recheck everything tomorrow to make sure i done it all right at the moment when i put the xp disc in it comes up with upgrade or fresh install when i choose fresh install it goes to lisence agreement which i choose i agree :slight_smile: then it goes to please insert key code when i do that it says no thank you thats the wrong code :frowning: but i’ll recheck and check again tomorrow :smiley:

i’m tempted to see if it floats…lol

ah - ding :idea: you are entering the XP from within the operating system, not from the startup of the machine.

That’s the only place you could be getting a GUI for the upgrade/install, definately a check in the bios fot boot order, or even on some machines/bios press F8 and you get a nice boot menu from which you can choose the CD drive.