UrGent Poll

Right, I’ve never setup a poll before so there may be some to-ing and fro-ing

Following a reasonably sucessful separation from my wife I find myself able to go out on a Saturday night, yes I do have a baby sitter.

Should I stay in and be a model parent or go out to prove I’m still a shag happy stud-muffin ?

go out and get some is what i say :smiley:

Has visions of english muffins! :eek: Use it or lose it I say! :stuck_out_tongue:

Go for it m8. but don’t neglect the family. They come first.

Tried $h^gging the babysitter :smiley:

Errr, behave!

My eldest daughter is the baby sitter

Five Nil is good enough

Ordered a taxi


  1. get a reliable baby-sitter over 16

  2. shag her friends :wink:

  3. go to pub / club and have another one if you are up to it!

Silly question :smiley:

and the result of the night was…

bad hangover?

No broken bones, so something of a result

Stay in and contemplate your childs future education and career prospects :rolleyes:


GO OUT and get absolutely blind drunk, best bet is to get so pi££ed that you cannot remember anything, shag anything that moves, be ill in a taxi (twice if possible), take on ALL the bouncers at the local club, be very unthankful at accident and emergency while they fix you up, have a very very large kebab, deposit kebab and other bits over a wall, sleep on the front lawn having been defeated by that pesky front door lock again.

I would of course do the former being a model parent :smiley: