I crunch D2OL from home and on my usb drive in college. At home i can upload and download tasks fine but on the USB node i get an error saying ‘failed to connect to url…’. Any ideas what could be causing this.

scratch that, i’ve tried running the node on my home pc now and its downloading tasks fine. :slight_smile:


Failed to downloaded data for task. Error Detail: Error Talking to URL: Info: Response code: 200, Response msg: OK, Data msg:

downloaded about 25 tasks then gave me that :mad:

I tried installing D2OL on my USB stick the other day…the client wouldn’t open…

I have it running, the only issue you have to watch is that the paths in the “lax” file include drive letters and depending on where you plug it in these drive letters may or may not be correct :slight_smile:

I think the lax paths could be edited to loose the drive letter but i’ve yet to do that…

i edited the lax file. it was set to drive E when i was using drive D. I changed this and it started downloading tasks properly again. Got about 50 tasks through and my error came back :mad:

tried installing it from college. got it working. got about half way through downloading tasks when the error came back. i’ve had enough of this so im giving up. i’ll still be crunching at home though so not to worry. :slight_smile:

the servers have been down a while overnight and today… I’ve not been able to upload/download any units for a while now… so maybe give it another go when the servers are working.


if you’ve still got access and the usb stick - why not try the folding client :Pimp:


why not install to a pc…then copy the installed folder over to the key…then at coll copy it to the pc and run it on the pc…then copy back and take on with you :wink:

The amount of disk space that would use on the college acount means it’s a no go binlala. We only had about 10Mb storage IIRC.

And Folding is very good off a stick…but college machines didn’t get a unit done very quikc :s

i didnt know folding could be done from a usb stick. i will definetely give that a go, providing i have enough space.

Folding is easy.

Download the text only client.

Put that in the folder and run it. Do the details. Team is 315

Then when you want to pull out stick, select the window then press Ctrl+C to close it cleanly then remove stick