USB stick question

Hey gang…

Just wondering if anyone has tried running Folding on a 2nd machine using a USB stick to transfer between the two. I dropped the office machine over to Boinc as I can’t get direct access for getting or sending work units…so I am wondering if I can import them using a usb stick. Anyone tried this?

With Seti down 3 work days a week and Rosetta and Docking units sometimes being sporadic, I thought I’d see if there is any way to get at least a little more folding time in.

This guide should sort you out :slight_smile:

I may be coming back to TPR for Folding - the Micro Mart forums are down and if they don’t come up again soon, I might have to move everything else back to team 315…

Thanks Dhreza…forgot “sneakernet.” I’ll just keep the files on the stick at the home machine and add the -local flags and I should be fine (woohoo).

grrr… It isn’t going as well as I hoped. I keep getting errors and the server won’t recognize the digital signature :frowning: I’ve had it happen on a far too consistent basis (tried all sorts of things to get around it…no joy :frowning: )

I think that is it for that machine at the office for Folding :frowning: Oh well…Folding’s loss is Docking’s gain.