Valentines Day - rip off?

Just been looking at the spam gift emails in my ‘Junk’ mailbox - in the main, its the women who require the flowers, chocolates, champagne, Paris weekends etc; we blokes are quite happy with a few pints, a takeaway and a … :smiley:

I have a real problem with this, and if i get the cold shoulder on the 14th cos she only gets a card then so be it, that £60 is worth a damn sight more to some starving child in Africa.

Question to the girls then,

what are your opinions on us spending £60+ on some flowers that are dead in a week, and at any other time of year can be bought for £15?

OOOhh so true.
Hate to say this but any and all of the major hols are the same now…total commercailism (sp?)

As a quick edit i haven’t done a thing of rany of my gf’s on valentines day for almost 20 years…was the day my father died so my minds always been elsewhere…guess that makes me the wrong person to have an opinion on this

sorry gaz

No probs mate…i’m the same every year…my mind goes to thing that are/were important in my live…the missus getting choccies/flowers just doesn’t seem important to me in the grand sceam of things

My wife specifically instructed me to NEVER buy flowers at valentines 'cos they are a rip off.

And I was also told NEVER to buy a dozen red roses (unless it was our 12th anniversary) as that is soooooo unoriginal (a single red rose is always romantic though, apparently)

I once brought Beckie 11 3/4 red roses - they were reduced :lol: Otherwise, a nice evening spent together is good enough, things get commercial far too easily in todays times. “I love you”, look I spent silly money for a day no different to others…

Random gifts - those show how you feel :nod: Only recently I brought Beckie a 512b compact flash card :chuckle:


I think a single rose is very romantic… as a male I would also not mind recieving one… valentines day should go both ways… imho

But I do agree prices are riducolous…and ill openly ask my g/f how she feels !!

Why should I wait untill one day in the year to show my wife I love her? I don’t give her flowers at all tho, it usualy results in questions like ‘What have you done?’ :wink:

Why should I wait untill one day in the year to show my wife I love her? I don’t give her flowers at all tho, it usualy results in questions like ‘What have you done?’

i used to date a girl like that, i could never win!

I’d prefer flowers at any other time of the year rather than valentine’s day cause you’re right in the fact that they are a complete rip off at valentine’s day. I’m happy with an £8 tatty ted :smiley:

TBH if I found out someone had spent £60 on flowers for me at anytime I’d go nuts at them for being so silly :nod:

/me cancels order of flowers for Hids…

honest :chuckle:


I don’t do flowers on valentines day but do get a card (if i remember :chuckle: )

I do buy flowers at random times for her though… you just get to know when its needed after a while.

Sent some to her at work late last year and that was worth uber amount of browny points :slight_smile:

I don’t like being bought flowers as they die and you have to throw them out.

I have made Phil a card and hopefully I should get one off him. We have the day off work (;))and are going bowling in the evening. I wouldn’t say no to a pressie, but then I never do :stuck_out_tongue:

Its his birthday a few days before and we are going away the weekend after so he is going to get plenty of treats anyway.

:chuckle: Didn’t know Ann Summers stocked toys called flowers now :stuck_out_tongue:

@Hids - actuall Amanda Kiss do have a red rose in a box where the rose is actually a silk thong rolled to look like petals.

if andy told me he spend 60 quid on a bunch of flowers i would call the doctor for him to go into a padded cell coz he would have to be mad to even think of paying that amount.

I will be happy with a nice meal for 2 its a day for romance not how much the person has in there wallet. I would prefer somthing i could keep forever (prezzy wise)not somthing that you just throw in the bin a few days to a week later.

Why is it that they sell red roses so dear coz red roses are for lust its the pink roses that mean love and they are a lot cheaper :stuck_out_tongue:

Listen to the hints andy :wink:

tsk … valentines day

I guess it will be the same as the last 10 years or so, me getting about 30 cards from admiring females (as if) :lol:

and the wife getting a card and new chamois for the car :stuck_out_tongue:

When Bonnie and I first got together we had basically nothing. Definitely no money. I bought her a single Hersheys Kiss. She actually cried about it. :?

Now, each Valentines day involves one of those kisses. Whether it’s a small one, a large one or something in the shape of one (candy dish, etc.).

and the wife getting a card and new chamois for the car

just a tip for women, when your man buys you a present and you take it back and exchange it 3 times, (Valentines / birthday / Xmas), be prepared to get 2 new tyres for your car next time round! :wink:

(true story - we divorced later that year hehe)