Nope not a dino from ages past but WD’s next Raptor HD :wink:

I got a sniff of this a few days ago but today we now have sites with reviews :slight_smile:

Ooh, will have to check these out possibly for next build :wink:

In idle, we found it to be even quieter than 7,200 RPM drives.

aw man…i only clicked cause of the dino’s :frowning:

BUMP!! For a 10K spindle speed unit it sounds like a great performer. Did anyone actually buy one of these and if so what was it like?

yup, I’ve got one and it’s very good for £/Gb against SSD’s.

I’ve now got the Velociraptor as the “Program Files” drive and the OS running off a stripe of 2x40Gb Intel SSD on my home machine. It’s whisper quiet as the storage drive array doesn’t get turned on unless I need it, thanks to some nifty caddies.


That must be a hoooogely fast machine m8y!! :eek:

unfortunately not, the SSD’s are bottlenecked as they are running through a cheap controller to span them into 80Gb, it’s fast yes, but capable of so much more given some other better parts :slight_smile: