Virtual Team Combo Stats Handicap Race

The race starts this Sunday evening and will include stats from LM, Seti(Boinc), CP, Predictor & LHC.

It will be a handicap based on current team recent credit vs all team recent credit. Hopefully this should be fair. The daily scores will be the number of new credits since the race start multiplied by the handicap. If I’ve done my arithmetic right:confused:, the winners will be those who increase their output the most during the race :smiley:

VT signup will be suspended this evening so sign up to a team now if you want some action. :slight_smile:

Sounds cool :cool:

Could you post a list of who is in what team please ? I think there are a few missing from VTD as they are a bit net-less atm.


so increasing the output the most?

Meaning for the first day we could sit idle then turn on therefore increasing from 0 to what ever! :smiley: :flip: :stuck_out_tongue:

Got that one covered ;). The handicaps are now fixed for the duration.

Joining of VTs is now suspended till after the race.

This is the lineup on the grid.

Flying Banana
Fleeing Banana Stomper
The Fiend

Team South
Kevin G. Clarke
The Balrog

Team Petrol Head

Team USA
Dark Raider
Egad Ivegoninsane
Steve Harthon

Captain Beyond
Darin Billing
Hidden Spirit
Renata and Neal Chantrill
Vortex Graphics

TPR Darts
Big Six

Stomping Boyos

Team Fat B#d
Avalon Plastics IT Dept

		-----------------	TOTAL	SETI	Pred	CPDN	LHC	LM
1	TPR Darts	---------	750458	125608	66996	89388	1277	467189
2	Team Fat B#d	---------	558834	302406	18754	7032	0	230642
3	VT DILLIGAF	---------	553315	386148	110312	10133	22647	24075
4	Flying Banana	---------	443573	298413	64725	72212	8223	0
5	#net	-----------------	375437	189413	116673	33770	32620	2961
6	Team South	---------	300399	170381	21021	90001	15580	3416
7	Team USA	---------	231671	181111	25482	13256	11822	0
8	Team Petrol Head	-	22072	22072	0	0	0	0

I’ll post the handicaps at the start of the race Sunday evening :wink:

Ladies & Gentlemen, Start your engines. The race is on

Starting stats and handicaps.

		-----------------	TOTAL		RAC	Hcap	Members
1	TPR Darts	---------	758551		6048	0.80	8
2	Team Fat B#d	---------	566132		7765	0.62	2
3	VT DILLIGAF	---------	557810		6699	0.72	3
4	Flying Banana	---------	447882		6078	0.79	6
5	#net	-----------------	377869		4902	0.98	8
6	Team South	---------	303066		3636	1.33	7
7	Team USA	---------	234062		3030	1.59	7
8	Team Petrol Head	-	22326		390	12.35	1
					        	4818		42

Let battle commence. :slight_smile:

Finish date 21st Nov 17:30 UT (unless it all falls to peices on me)

Handicap Drag Race		
	-----------------	Score
#net	-----------------	0
Flying Banana	---------	0
Team Fat B#d	---------	0
Team Petrol Head	-	0
Team South	---------	0
Team USA	---------	0
TPR Darts	---------	0
VT DILLIGAF	---------	0

cool one Balrog. Lets GET IT AWWWN

excellent work Mr Balrog king of Excel.

Isn’t it about now when everyone gives up and lets the VTD boys win :Plot: Time to go a hunting in the loft … :sneaky:


Yeeehaaarrrrrr!! Chocks away chaps!! :smiley:

Excellent work balrog, now all i need to do is find more power :devil:

Have you ever had that loft at full output? no matter what happens you always seem to have more rigs up there. methinks you should keep the leccy bill to yourself this quarter :slight_smile:


errrmmm … not for a while :wink: I can only have a max of seven machines on overnight, I found that as a threshold of sleeping kids. The machines in the loft are above the kids room, anymore than what is up in the loft now and they dont sleep. Max output means remembering to go into the loft to turn off the couple of extras each night. I’m not talking a lot of speed anyhow, just a dual p2-450 and a p2-533, but they still crunch :lol:


You could put the kids in the loft and move the PCs out.


Well the increase is going well at work this morning, damned busy. Thats the 533Mhz added as a Win98 test machine :sneaky:

Dual p2-450 booting now with NT, damn these SCSI drives are loud


:realmad: :realmad:

why is it always like this when its a drag race ???

Sat using my machine, rebooting every five or six minutes and/or locking up. I made this rig to be as quiet as possible, dual cpu etc etc. Anyway, its a good job the wc is coming from Pigboy, I nearly lost my entire system. Damn fortunate I was using it when I smelt the burning :eek: :scared:

Thats the case fans on, the sides off to see if I can spot what it is. Just reseated and cleaned down all the “hot” bits :xfinger:

Thats the dual off when I’m not using it though :nod:


after all that reseating, I went to watch the tele and clicked the shutdown button. Just come back upstairs, PC is noisy, its not shut down and the burning is back.

Closer quicker smell of the burn, the PSU connector has melted to the board connector.

Not good :cry: :cry: :cry:


:cry: :cry: :cry: Me too. NF7, 2500M just stopped dead and won’t even spin up fans now. Checked/removed/swapped everything, even tried out of the case. Suspect mobo vregs. waaaaah


bad luck guys!! There me with my one little PC… :stuck_out_tongue: