VLC Best thing since sliced bread

Well Ive been looking into many ways of streaming audio and video files and the best one Ive found is VLC it also pritty much plays every file you can throw at it… without the need of downloading new codecs and what not…

and even better, its free :slight_smile:

theres my mini review :wink: :slight_smile:

lol you forgot to mention its platform indepenant :wink: not to mention the varous interface options, so yes its a great bit of kit

but I am only a padwan setting out on my VLC quest !

Nice find Bin :thumbsup:

Yep, a good bit of kit. Been using it for years now. Another good thing about it is that it’s not resourse hog.

Well Ive been using it for some years too… but it used to be as stable as Windows ME but now seems really stable… its progresion but in the good way.

It was a slight shock when the French goverment wanted to shut them down for copy right infringement… but it seems thats blown over :slight_smile: so long live the VLC and if Ive introduced anyone to the god of all media players :slight_smile: then my work here is done.

Only ting being it wont be used as the main player infirefox etcx…maybe there a plug in…:chin:

they have a mozzila plugin in the installation option if that helps!

Probably not bin. I run copies of VLC and Firefox that dont need to do anything with the registry. :slight_smile: Thus backups are hell of a lot easier :smiley: