Am I do anything wrong? Trying to set up a virtual Windows machine to try and get ready for when I try vista in case things don’t work.

Anyhow I create the machine using the workstation, uninstall and add player then run. It won’t detect any bootable CD in the drive yet I know I have a bootable windows disc there.

Cant set up a Ubuntu VM either:mad: Same reason.

What am I doing wrong?

I’ve never tried it that way, I’ve always done the full install of windows whilst using vmware workstation, then once it’s working 100% swap to using player.

Because player is designed for running already created machines I don’t know if it has the ability to boot from a cd.

why do you need to make a vm for vista? to get ready? what are you getting ready for?

and why bother uninstalling vmware just to use the player

a vm of xp, for use within Vista when things don’t work in Vista, saves on dual booting.

Th Vm Workstation he has is the time limited demo, the idea being, build the machine in the time limited demo, then continue to use it running the free player.

Well I cant run the machine in workstation. :frowning: It says I have to upgrade :frowning:

And it wont let you install the player if the workstation is installed and vice versa.
Reason’s as Damski said.

I’m assuming you have to create the thing in workstation and then run it from in the workstation to get it to install?

can’t you upgrade it? the demo should still work.

yeh, you need to install under workstatoin get it going 100% then swap to player

As far as I know VMWare is a free product now. It was made freely available a few days after Microsoft made their Virtual PC, or whatever it is, free.

Why don’t you just use VMWare GSX Server?