Voyager 2 Crosses the Termination Shock

30 Years into its Journey, Voyager 2 Crosses the Termination Shock

Voyager 2, the only spacecraft ever to have visited Uranus and Neptune, has reached a new landmark: between August 31 and September 1, 2007, it crossed and then left behind the termination shock at the edge of the solar system. This makes Voyager 2 only the second spacecraft known to have passed through this turbulent region, following its twin, Voyager 1. A collection of papers published in the July 3 issue of Nature report on the event, demonstrating that more than 30 years after its launch Voyager 2 is still a source of invaluable scientific data.

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Nearly 31 years into its epic journey Voyager 2 has passed beyond the heliosphere and into the heliosheath. The next stop is the “heliopause,” marking the outer boundary of the Sun’s influence and the true beginning of interstellar space. Will Voyager 2 report to Earth on this landmark as well? It is impossible to say. But judging by their unmatched track record, it seems more than likely that Voyager 2 and its twin, Voyager 1, will become humanity’s first eyes and ears in the realm of the stars.

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From Wikipedia:

The termination shock is the point in the heliosphere where the solar wind slows down to subsonic speed (with respect to the star) due to interactions with the local interstellar medium. This causes compression, heating, and a change in the magnetic field.

In other words, the solar wind is slowing to a halt out there.

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