Want to setup web/dbase server on *nix - advice plz

I want to learn more about administering web and database servers under *nix environments.

I am open to suggestions as to what platform would be best to do this under. My first thought would probably be FreeBSD, but I’ve tried a couple of times to install FreeBSD and got about as far as inserting the CD


I would also want to install and configure the various applications from source, so any noddy guides on this would also be very useful.


Matt. :slight_smile:

Been thinking fo trying my hand at this *nix apache mysql php rubbish of late too, so any n00b guides would go down good for me and mince methinks! :smiley:


Get Redhat9, I think it has all of the goodies you want and with a high speed connection it is a breeze to update and patch.

FreeBSD (which is not Linux) is a little bit more scary than your average Linux disto, not some much hardware support, applications and so forth.

However it’s rock solid and I would recommend it for production systems (if you don’t want to use OpenBSD for so reason).

I would suggest either RH 8 or higher or failing that Mandrake latest. These are a lot better for cutting your teeth on.

The best guide to compiling and installing from source is usually the “INSTALL” file that comes this the source.

Usually it amounts to

make install

For example to install Apache with default settings it’s:

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/apache
make install

Start apache

/usr/local/apache/bin/apachectrl start

Anyway feel free to post your questions on here. IRC is always good for a helping hand too. Usually MAOJC or I is in there.

My vote goes for Trustix Secure Linux: http://www.trustix.net

I’ve used most flavours of Linux and this is the only one (for servers) that gets the balance right.