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[B]Ok - so u want a breakdown!

#1 - Barton 2500/Epox 8RDA+
#2 - TBred 2700/ASUS A7V8X (running 166fsb)
#3 - TBred 2400/Soltek 75DRV4
#4 - TBred 2400/ASUS A7V333 (running 166fsb)
#5 - TBred 2600/Soltek 75FRV4
#6 - TBred 2400/ASUS A7V333 (running 166fsb)
#7 - Barton 2500/Epox 8RDA+
#8 - TBred 2400/Epox8RDA+
#9 - Pally 2000/Soyo Dragon Ultra Platinum
#10 - TBred 1700/Epox 8RDA+ (big overclock)
#11 - Compaq XP2000 Lappy

Could go into more detail but do’t want to bore the pants off you :smiley:

2 are running naked and headless - the rest are all in towercases - (mainly Lian Li) all networked and run with KVM switches - Most are mildly overclocked

You dont bother turning the central heating on much in your house then?
With all my rigs crunching flat out (Barton at 2.3ghz, TBred at 1750, Palamino 1545, Duron 900) my 2nd bedroom / computer room would hit 30+ degrees with the window open.

  1. You do need to be a little off to join TPR.
  2. To have a custard fetish is a sign you need medication.
  3. To have so many posts before joining is a warning to all.
  4. To have so many computers running is an inefficient method of heating your house but not admisible in court as proof of lunacy.

If you live in a big old house and your computers are in scattered corners warming the stone to keep it dry we’ll just keep an eye on you. If you live in a flat with computers strewn about everywhere and air conditioning struggling to keep up, stay there, be calm, keep away from sharp impliments I will summon medical help for you.

At the moment the room temperature is at the point where i need to be nearly in the buff… it’s almost like a sauna in here!

I guess you all agree I am a certifiable nutter!:amstupid:

:banana: :banana: :banana:

Originally posted by TheFiend(TPR)
At the moment the room temperature is at the point where i need to be nearly in the buff

Put a robe on and sit comfortably until some very nice people with white coats arrive.

What ever you do, don’t let them turn your computers off on the way out!

SpeedyJ will be round with the custard, he needs it
warmed up so it will slide nicely into his Gimp suit :scared: