Watch those deadlines

:frowning: just checked on a machines not looked at for a while, seems the last couple of weeks, I’ve had virtually no units return within the deadline as the machine is not a constant cruncher. Feel a bit annoyed at myself for not checking, but a huge amount of computer time has been wasted.

So then, CPDN has massive deadlines, but hates duals, Folding also has deadline units (although has option to not get deadline units) and I’ve never got the D2OL deadline.

What do you think, the machine is on maybe 30hours a week tops as its noisy and a good heater of the room, but I do need it as a development rig, so transporting up and down the loft not an option.

Which project for that sort of use ?

Dual MP1800’s


Why not put it on a small WU project like ALife? Place it in it’s own project location so that you will have better control of how much it can cache.

ALife small WU? :eek:

Thats about 4 hours WU on my AMD 2400+ XP.

Predictor is smaller WU’s. Why not just a single project on it like Predictor…

Hmmm… They seem to have increased in size. Well… Pick one with small WU’s. :smiley:

strangely - its clearing the Q of ALife units - I think it was just bad timing that I got big units from both projects on the rig. Still undecided on what to run on it - might not run anything as its on so little and when it is, its compiling or doing cpu intensive work.


A non-crunching machine? :eek: :wink:

I still only run on test-beds and home systems. I just can’t bring myself to install on the client machines. I just can’t justify using the company’s machines and power for my own uses.

how about folding?

I had the same problem on BOINC SETI. Wasted a lot of CPU time. I reduced my cache from 10 days to 1, but I may need to set it at about 3 because 1 is not enough.