I orderd a WD black caniver 32mb 500gb drive. Everything was fine, installed vista and it was working. Today I wanted to install xp, I started the xp boot up, and used the quick format to format the drive, it said it never workd. I then tryed the slow format, only 30% after 30 mins. I then went out, came back and installed the xp on my old 80gb, so the 80gb was master and the sata went into slot 3 sata meaning it was salve, then tryed formating the drive with windows, no luck. took the 80gb out. tryed the long format, 2 hours and it said it never workd! Then tryed vista, Nothing. then i got a message something like it cant boot windows, Like theres still a boot windows there and cant be formated ?? It just cant be formated!


Google shows others have the same, i have no idea whats going on. If i cant get it working, i hope the nice ebayer superseller gives me another one…

don’t you need to load the os the other way round in order for it to work ?

Sounds to me like you need to clear the partition table, and start again, installing XP first.


But when you install xp, You format the drive. when i formated it, it said it couldnt do it. now it says it all the time.

Thanks for fast reply…

Sorry guys, i was going abit mad. Got it sorted. I deleted the drive so there was 500gb unallocted space and click new on vista set up, then it started setup, i stoped it. tomorrow i will finsh. i need sleep. i wasted all that time. annoying. I think dt was right, i just didnt know what he was saying to start with. Your a top guy DT :smiley:

sorry for spelling etc, im in a rush, up at 7am tomorrow for shooting with cadets.