WebCam Broadcasting software

Hey all;

I have just got myself a ‘el-cheapo’ webcam, for i need to be able to monitor my two Staffies whilst at work, for they ahve been eating sofas and the such.

Just wondering if anyone here knows of any good, free (or very cheap) applications that will broadcast to a webserver so i can monitor froma website and when they are being naughty, VNC into the pc and play some pre-recorded telling off messages through the sorround system:P

the webcam is just a bulk standard usb, win xp setup.

Cheers y’all!

Im sure there was something called webcamXP

Active Webcam from PY software. Costs $29, a steal with current exchange rates.

A number of free webcam picture processing tools at but I can’t see any that ftp or provide a web server capability.

Yawcam may well do what you want :).

cheers guys, i downloaded a demo version of digi-watcher, and i must admit i am fairly impressed with it, dunno how much it costs, but knowing me it will problerly be the most expensive.

Will have a look at your suggestions mind!

Cheers all!

windows media encoder can stream the webcam I believe - although link I have in favourites is on the other machine :frowning:


Speedo, im loving YAWCAM, only downside is that it doesn’t do sound, but i can live with that

so whats the url? do we all get to see ya doggys?


A’int they sweet. :smiley:

right thats me and the network admin at war now. My website i set up has now been blocked!
I know the guy also, didn’t even say anything to me,how dare he! , never mind huh? Dydns to the rescue.

that’s the link I was on about :slight_smile: