Website of pranks

Here is a website where you can download and send pranks. Beware some are very funny…and you can get other free stuff as well.Just click on the pranks link!!!

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probably still the wrong url …


It is the correct URL. You have to click on the PRANKS link under DESKTOP. Visit the URL and you will know what Im talking about

I’m sure some of them are funny, but there is no way I’m running any of those programs.

They are completely HARMLESS:wave:

with Olly :agree:


AWWW cmon

I had a good chuckle reading through the pranks and imagining someone caught by them. It is also very useful to know what one might come up against - I did not know about any of these programs.

However, many of us, despite our efforts to appear otherwise in our spare time, are highly competent computer professionals and are not going to install the programs at home, let alone at work - if we did we would rapidly become highly competent unemployed computer professionals!