Week of September 19, 2005 Folding@Home News

Team Rank 91 - Later this week we will return to 90th…getting those Mac’s at Apple

Points 24Hr Avg 8,888 down from 9,394
Points Total 4,428,748
WU 70,422
Active Users: 25 we did bounce to 28 last week
Total Users : 107

TPR_Mulda should break 300K :eek:
Fadamor/OHS keeps moving like always :smiley:
STEP2000 should break 200K
Double Top working to 140K
ike does the 50K Dance
SJ761 Breaks 25K
The Ian’s stomp along…

Mortlake, charlie1, Tom Wilson, Drezha, Bullseye, Patrifer moving up with a stomp or two

Riddlermarc is returning to F@H http://forums.teamphoenixrising.net/showthread.php?t=34552

So we have many movers…excellent work all! :cheers:

Stats provided by: http://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/user_list.php?s=&t=315

Many thanks for the update Greg :thumbsup:

Might be a bit late on the 300k as I just got a bucket load of crappy low value units - EMIII has my daily average down from 1100 to 750 as a result :frowning:

Cheers for the update Greg.

Rimmer is wating to be rebuilt in a newer case (cheap Xpider clone just didn’t cut it, though it did cut me a few times) and Kryten has gone to Silicon Heaven as I’ve sold the mainboard / CPU as part of a gaming rig for a mates step-son.

Plotting on how to go 939 next so “Kryten” will be back.


:driving: :driving:

all that on me losing ground in seti and I was able to add three machines to that WITHOUT any loss of crunchers on Folding :woot: :lol: :sneaky: :Plot:

Cheers Greg :smiley:


:thumbsup: Greg! Thanks again for that stats