Week of September 26, 2005 Folding@Home News

Team Rank 90 - Nothing major on Radar…sure could use more ZOOM… :smiley:

Excellent work stomp’n APPLE

Points 24Hr Avg 7,678 (Down…hmm)
Points Total 4,483,905
WU 70,765
Active Users: 24 …Down again :confused:
Total Users : 108 (Up one)

TPR_MULDA (Almost 300K) (Juggy better crank the volume up)
STEP2000 Breaks 200K :smiley:
Fadamor /OHS…Stuck in low gear…
DT…keeps truck’n even after the party :eek:
Crazydude moves over the 90K
Mortlake is also making the marks nicely (Nice Numbers lately)

Lots of movers lets see if we can return to those days of 10K daily!

Stats taken from http://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/team_summary.php?s=&t=315

Thanks for the stats update Greg! :thumbsup:

down slightly on the week as a P4 3.0Ghz HT got moved over to seti and rosetta and being away for the weekend meant four machines off as teh kids failed me :nono: :mad:

Should be back to my 10K weekly figures soon :smiley: Cheers for the round up Greg, although after this weekend when I stomp you may have to be brought forward :stomp:

/me flexes the credit card


My output should be up a little bit soon, slight probs with my dual Xeon box but that’s all taken care of now…

100% production capacity doing folding as of now until the end of the week , then I’m away for a week( no output) , I’ll make decisions as to future leccy bill commitments when I get back. :sigh:

Just you wait, I’m 33 places from the top 300 in SetiBOINC. Once there I’ll turn everything over to Folding and get back into the top 1000 and hopefully re-stompy old Wig’on’chin.

Thanks for the stats :slight_smile:

Must say that FAH is more or less rock solid on ltsp… very pleased with the output :cool:

My output will be bouncing a little for the next few weeks as I have hardware problems. I need to sort the finances out and then (hopefully) the postman can call with the necessary replacements.