Welcome all

I been gone for a few days and I come back and we have a lot of new crunchers :smiley: I also have read why this is :frowning: So instead of going through all the new post and saying W E L C O M E I’ made a new thread to say it.W E L C O M E

Now to those that know me. Agsain sorry for my absence again. This Time my wifes brother was In a motorcycle accident. (on his less than 3 month old Harley) Someone pulled out in front of him and he did everything he could but ended up hitting them broadside. It crushed his left leg below the knee. He has a chance of loosing it.(dependin on infection) If it stays clean he’ll keep it. but be in pain and crippled up the rest of his life. It broke in 4 places and across his foot and 4 toes. NASTY. Also some face injuries. I say face because there is no brain damage (thank GOD) (no helmet) well all be good cause I’ll be in and out for a couple weeks. Thanks and bye for now

Best of luck to your brother in-law!


Please give him my best.

When people find out my leg is all metal inside I get sympathies. I consider myself a lucky man. I hope your brother in law recovers to near full function as well. It will take a couple of years.

Everyone is there for him now. Be there for him a year from now when others have forgotten. Best wishes.

I’m really sorry to hear that Jim.
I truely hope the BiL recovers soon.
Take care and pass on our best wishes m8.

ouch, my sympathies mate.

best of luck to the wounded!

On a lighter note… I’ve just totted up the total WU’s from new users so far…

119194 wu’s today! :eek:

:eek: sounds rough…

being in pain all the time ain’t much fun :shrug:

Ouch :eek: Hope eveything turns out OK mate

Thanks for the welcome m8. Hope all turns out well for your brother-in- law.