Welcome back...

…to LifeMapper SpecialK :slight_smile:

The Special One has responded to the call to arms (should show in tomorrows n00z) and is hoping to knock Mr Ellis down a peg in the rankings :Poke:

Welcome back SpecialK to a life of mapping :slight_smile:


Cool. Welcome back! :cheers:

Spesh! Nice one, hello matey :wave:

WB :cool: :woot:

Nice to see ya back Spesh :woot:


Speesh ya tart! :nod:

Knock me down a peg?
Today I’ve returned to number 8 from off the charts.
Thank you for rising to the challenge SpecialK.

Ban Ellis from the top ten. :nod:

“sniff” thanks for the kind words guys, its nice to be back in the fold. I only do LM these days as my DC of choice.

Hows it going pool guy :smiley:

Hi Mojo