Welcome Endre to TPR

Welcome :wavey:

Reunion, at last.:cool:

Welcome to TPR m8,

Gidday et bonjour :wavey: Welcome

Welcome to the team :wavey:

Howdy! :wave:

welcome :wave: :alan: :wave:




Enjoy your stay



Welcome to the team! :wave:

Welcome aboard Endre. :nod:

Have a banana. :banana: :banana: :banana:

Thanks everybody :bounce: for the welcome, it’s so nice to have found a new home after skz went belly up:o

See you made it over here then…Welcome to TPR :wavey:

Thnx M8 seems to be alot more activity on the boards here:thumbsup: :tiefight: :luke:

Lo andre :wave: Nice signature you have there :slight_smile:

Welcome over Endre :slight_smile:

Welcome :smiley:

Welcome aboard Endre! Great to see you here! :wave:

welcome to our new home m8:wave:

hello m8 glad you found us :smiley:

Hello and welcome, Endre.

Echo all the above. Man, we keep getting more and more reunited here at TPR. Kick the walls, you’ll find 'em nice & sturdy. We’re here for the duration, I believe…