Welcome Keith White

Welcome to TPR

/M@tt goes off to edit the “Team Edge” thread :smiley:

Hello Keith:wave:


Welcome M8


Welcome to the team! :wave:

Gidday et bonjour :wavey: Welcome

I heard that name before,:confused:

Welcome aboard Keith,:wave:

How about joining our virtual team “ex-Skz”:wink:

Welcome to the Team Keith :yippee:

Howdy! :wave:

Welcome to TPR m8. :wavey:

Welcome from one of the newbies (me :slight_smile: )

Michael “The Saint” Halliwell

Welcome Keith :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard Keith. :thumbsup:

Have a banana. :banana: :banana: :banana:

Great you could make it Keith! Welcome aboard! :wave:

welcome over :wave:

Welcome :wavey:

Hiya Keith! :smiley:

welcome aboard.

Hello, Keith.

Welcome and please enjoy your stay. Exits are to the left, right, forward… Wait a darn minute, we don’t want anyone LEAVING! Just enjoy your stay, whether you like it or not. :smiley:

Nice to see another Skzer.


Hello mate - glad you joined! :wavey: :smiley:

Welcome! :slight_smile: