Welcome To all the New Members

That I haven’t greeted today.
Thanks for joining our Wonderful Mad :spin: family.
And I truly hope that you will feel at home here with us.
I’m sure SpeedyJ will find you to administer his :cuddle:'s in his
custard filled gimp suit, and Donna and Liz will be around to
give you their own personal greeting :bondage:

Have Fun, Enjoy and Crunch On.

Deffinatley WELCOME to all. I know I havent posted to all this welcome individualy. And I’m sure others have missed a few here and there as well. Please If someone feels like they have been looked over, Please Don’t. This has been quite overwhelming the last few days and I just hate it when I miss saying welcome to new crunchers. But there are so MANY of you.

Thank you to all TPR members for the warm welcome for all the displaced Skzdalimit members. You all are a friendly bunch, even as many of you are dropping in your team rankings. But As a team we will rock the SETI world. :slight_smile:
Steve B

:cheers: Steve :agree:
We are used to dropping places for new members, but we view it
as Good For the Team and Good for seti :worm:

Welcome :smiley:

Welcome doods :wave:

A big TPR welcome to everybody. :nod:

:wavey: Hiya all you new guys! :wavey:

Welcome aboard TPR, you’ll love it here! :smiley:

Yeeeeeeeeehaawwwwwww! Welcome to the Team everybody! Grab a seat an sit fer a spell!

Welcome to the team everybody! :wave:

Welcome all to TPR! :wavey:

welcome aboard folks, nice to see a “few” new faces


welcome to the funny farm :wave: :alan: :wave: