Welcome to aman and Roger Finkas

Welcome to :wavey:

Please feel free to put your feet up and make yourself at home

Cool! Yet even more new members! Welcome to the team. Grab a seat an sit fer a spell.

Welcome to the Home of TPR :smiley:
I hope you will feel at home and enjoy our wonderful
company and hospitality :banana:

Nice to see you both…at last ! :wink:

Welcome to TPR :smiley:

welcome :wave:

Welcome to you both :wave:

Glad you joined the fun.

Welcome aboard Roger Finkas and aman. :nod:

Have a banana. :banana: :banana: :banana:

Welcome to the team! :wave:

Long time no see :wave: Welcome :thumbsup:

Hello there! welcome to TPR, mind the :spam: and happy crunching :smiley:

welcome Roger Finkas and just aman:D

:slight_smile: Welcome folks:wave:

Welcome to The Team:wavey:

Nice to see you decided to join us here.
Welcome aboard:flip: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee:

Hi Guys :wave:

Welcome to the team. Have Fun. :smiley:

Welcome guys! :wavey:

Welcome :smiley:

welcome m8s :thumbsup: