Welcome vinnie &.. Rapparini

Welcome to the team :wave:

Welcome to the party :wave:

:yippee: welcome aboard m8:yippee:

Welcome aboard guys, glad you could make it :slight_smile:

Hello guys


so many new people tonight, me arms sore from all the waving!

Welcome aboard Rapparini and vinnie. :nod:

Have a banana. :banana: :banana: :banana:

Welcome to the team. Have Fun. :smiley:

Wotcha lads…welcome to TPR. :spin:

welcome :wave:

welcome :wave:

Welcome to The Team:wave:

Can a moderator please combine this with the other thread I seem to have missed on the same subject


Hello and welcome :wave:


Welcome :smiley:

Welcome! :wavey:

welcome m8 :thumbsup:

Welcome to the team :wavey:

welcome to the nuthouse :spin:

Yeeeehaawwwwww! Welcome to the Team. Grab a seat an sit fer a spell!