Well impressed!

Bought the Microsoft Wireless optical desktop keyboard and mouse pack today:eek:

It’s amazing! So many features and a lovely keyboard and mouse!:slight_smile: Really is the bee’s knees!

the mouse is a bit smaller than my Intellimouse Explorer for Bluetooth but thats fine. I’ve got to get used to it not having a back back on it now though! :chuckle:

The media buttons work flawlessly. Provides easy access to My docs, pics and music from a push of a button. Controls Winamp easily from the keyboard and easy access to mail, web and messenager :nod: Only change I had to make was for the email button to start Thunderbird instead of opening IE for hotmail.:slight_smile:

All in all a most excellent buy for £40

Also frees my Intellimouse explorer mouse for my laptop instead of using the god awful PS2 mouse I got with the desktop. This’ll increase the laptop’s price by 50% :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: