Well that may have been a blessing in disguise....

…one of the nodes had not returned a result to CPDN for a while and like a dope I never spotted it. dtcruncher004 turned off (yup the damn abit board) due to heat :cry: new heatsink fan and all is dandy. Whilst in the loft found enough bits to put dtcruncher005 back together after I stripped it to repair a punters PC. Away she goes, now work from Predictor so upgraded to 4.19 Boinc.

All in all, ten minutes later all upgraded to 4.19, one extra xp1800 running, rc.d files all ready to switch over to classic for the gauntlet :devil:

Then a quick count up,
rig1 - xp3200 ltsp
rig2 - xp3000 ltsp
rig3 - xp3200 ltsp
rig4 - xp3200 ltsp
rig5 - xp1800 ltsp
rig6 - athy1.2 ltsp
rig7 - winchester3200 64bit ltsp
rig8 - xp3200 server2k3
rig9 - p4@2.4 redhat9 (runs the ltsp server)

ah, so that’ll be why there are no ports left on the switch, or any electrical plugs left then :lol:

Someone put the disguise coat on this post from Becky

in my 'puter room… (non-24/7 machines)
rig10 - xp3200
rig11 - kids xp1800 shuttle
rig12 - win2k testrig duron1800
rig13 - winxp testrig duron1800
rig14 - build machine (ensures clean dll compat) duron@2Ghz
rig15 - p4-2Ghz laptop

rig16.1 - ebay motherboard for amd 128Mb ram in it
rig16.2 - ebay motherboard for 533fsb P4 128Mb ram in it

I wish I never started this post now :moon: :boggle: :dizzy: I think I’m off to get :wasted:


LOL, sounds like you’ve been a busy bunny.

Got a 4 port 10mb hub looking for a home if its any use to you. Swaps for the laserjets :slight_smile:

cheers for the offer, but <cough> liberated an 24port 10/100 hub form a clients where they have TWO machines :lol:

got them a four port router and they are well happy :lol:


(Beck has read post over shoulder, I’m off to do some heavy creeping and “yes dear”'ing)

:haha: 24 port hub & 2 machines. Nice steal :slight_smile: